September 23, 2010

An Update on the Blog

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It's the second road on the left, just past the pet shop.

As we move into the final stages of the World Open I feel the time has come to pre-warn faithful and deluded followers of this tripe that there will be a short period of inaction on the blog from Sunday onwards.

I have alerted the Samaritans and the Emergency Services are on hand.

There are a couple of reasons for this, the first being that myself and my good lady wife, the divine Mrs Snookerbacker are attending a wedding all day on Saturday, followed by our belated break away following our marriage in June. We’ll be away for all the following week which I’m afraid means that I won’t be able to cover the EPTC2 from Bruges on here.

Firstly, I can assure you that I did speak to Saturday’s bride and groom directly and showed them the snooker calendar for this year, but some people just will not listen to reason and they decided to go ahead with the wedding regardless of my quite rational protests. I reluctantly agreed with Mrs SB that in return I’d go along, smile, look happy and at least pretend not to think about events in Glasgow. The sacrifices I make for her are I’m sure you’ll agree of monumental proportions, she’s very lucky to have me. I think she knows that deep down. Anyway, I have located the televisions around the venue so I’m sure I’ll be able to just ‘pop to the loo’ for the odd half hour catch up.

The following week however myself and Mrs SB are away from it all and largely uncontactable, bliss  (well for a couple of hours until I start thinking about the finer points of the miss rule). But I shall return to civilisation the following weekend refreshed and ready to go for the PTC event in Sheffield the following week.

However, on the 4th October, a very kind new friend of mine is helping me do some technical stuff to the blog which I’ve been planning to do for a while now, it shouldn’t take too long according to him and I should only be offline for a further 48 hours. After that, if there is anyone left still waiting we’re back in business.

What is it they say on those monologue impersonal recorded things at train stations?

‘Snookerbacker would like to thank you for your patience and apologises for any inconvenience this may cause you’.

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