September 22, 2010

David Douglas Speaks About the Higgins Case

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It wasn't this meeting, it was the one before.

Hopefully this will put the entire episode to bed and we can all move on from what has been a particularly unsavoury and forgettable few months for all concerned.

In this article, David Douglas reveals why John Higgins was cleared of the main charge, the extent to which he delved into the evidence, the extent to which the News of the World co-operated with his investigation and why he believes the meeting in Kiev on 30th April was not the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Instead, much like the old commentary line ‘it wasn’t that shot, it was the one before’ when someone misses a key ball, he believes the real damage was done beforehand much closer to home. 

He describes John Higgins as ‘fundamentally honest’, a statement which he doesn’t extend to Pat Mooney and states that the evidence points to Higgins only knowing about the frame fixing minutes before going into the meeting on the 30th. Apparently Mooney said words to the effect of  ‘By the way, they may bring up throwing a few frames, just go along with it’ to John minutes before going in. 

He also explains why the decision was the only one that could be reached and that he is ‘absolutely confident’ that it was correct.

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