September 18, 2010

World Open Day One

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Bang to Rights: For Crimes Against Music

The eagerly awaited World Open kicks off this afternoon with Best of Five matches involving Neil Robertson, the Captain Ali Carter whose Captains Log you can read here, Stephen Maguire, the Nugget and Shaun Murphy.

Mrs Snookerbacker has bought some nice biscuits and is even promising me that she will use the best China for our afternoon cup of tea as we settle down to watch the action, my life just gets better and better.

Though I do think there are two reasons that she is being so extra nice to me today, firstly, as she loves Ali and is so proud that he has decided to post on the blog and secondly, this morning she broke the news to me that while she was fiddling with images she developed rather a crush on the young Captain Kirk from Star Trek AKA William Shatner.

I of course responded as any level headed gentleman would and immediately snatched the laptop from her grasp to find an up to date picture of Shats. I even went as far as to play her his version of one of her favourite songs here, it’s fair to say this combination put this silly crush back under wraps. A rational response from yours truly I’m sure you’ll agree.

As you know I’m not betting big on this but my main preview is here. Since I wrote the preview I’ve broken the habit of a lifetime and staked a free bet on the Rocket in the outrights, just in case.

I’ve decided however to get into the spirit of the event and have a crack at correct scores, just a few cross doubles to keep things interesting. My thoughts on a likely outcome of each match are below, but please note these are not recommended bets.

RESULT: Neil Robertson 3-1 Graeme Dott

I’ll take Robbo to win this one 3-2 which is 19/5 with Boylesports.

A bit easier than expected for the World Champion, despite losing the third frame after Dott needed three snookers. A cautious match but Neil finishes off winning in one visit with a break of  103.

RESULT: Ali Carter 3-1 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

I can’t very well bet against the Captain here now can I? I’ll take him for the whitewash, best price 13/5 with Sportingbet.

A very edgy performance from the Captain against the thinnest snooker player ever. But he’s safely through to the next round with a solid pink and black at the end.

Stephen Maguire 3-2 Stuart Pettman

I think a 3-1 scoreline here is the order of the day, Maguire to send Stuart and his dodgy barnet home at 3/1 with Sportingbet.

Has there ever been someone as nervous as Pettman on TV? McLeodesque performance, multiple chance to put Mags to sleep. Can’t believe I recommended him as one of my winners. He clearly has the attitude of the Rocket, without the game to back it up. But he marches on to the random draw.

The Nugget

Not before 7pm
RESULT: Steve Davis 1-3 Peter Ebdon

The old Nugget will try his heart out here and I’m actually quite looking forward to this one. I’ll take Steve to progress I think, 3-1 which is 5/1 with Sportingbet.

Ebbo finishes off in typical style. I love him, he’s such a ‘snooker player’. By the way the BBC commentary is shit.

RESULT: Shaun Murphy 0-3 Dave Harold

Finally, not the most appealing way to round off day one. I’m going to predict an upset in this one 3-2 to Big Dave which is also 5/1 with Sportingbet.

Big Dave pounds Smurf into the ground, one way traffic.

An accumulator on this lot pays a healthy 2228/1 at Sportingbet and if my £2 delivers here I probably won’t be seen again all week. But I’ll have 10 cross doubles just for a bit of interest and enjoyment.

Well, no scores right so the £5 grand will have to wait until tomorrow, but for the Nugget the winners were all predicted and I have to admit to getting a little ‘into’ the event late on and having a few quid on Big Dave. G’Night JV.

Good Luck if you’re having a go today and good luck to the Captain.

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