September 17, 2010

Conclusive Proof that Pigs Can Fly….

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….and that there is such a thing as the tooth fairy, Santa Claus is alive and well and living in Lapland with Mrs Claus and all the elves, the moon is made of Swiss Cheese, there is a day each year when there isn’t a DFS sofa sale on, that time you grew a moustache to pull the chicks you did look cool, Rory McLeod will win a match on TV, Jimmy White will win the World Championship one day, Ronnie is not his own harshest critic, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are the best thing that’s happened to Britain in a century, the Queen is worth all that money, John Evans is a great Welsh snooker commentator, Tony Blair’s conscience is clear, George Bush is a brilliant mind, Peter Ebdon can sing.

All these things and more shall be so, for as Dave Hendon exclusively reveals here THE WORLD SNOOKER SCOREBOARD IS FIXED!! Yes, Barry Hearn has done it again, he has achieved the impossible and has fiddled with knobs and turned some nuts with his spanner and got the thing working again, never before perhaps with the exception of the moon landings has man scaled such heights in the face of adversity. It even looks good.

They said it could never be done, they all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round, they all laughed when Edison recorded sound, but ho! ho! ho! who’s got the last laugh now! Bazza that’s who (truly awful version this).

As loyal subjects, we bow to you King Bazza.

Latest Odds on first hour freeze: 4/6 8/13 6/4 Yes, 11/10 5/4 1/2 No.

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