September 1, 2010

Top of the Pots Prediction Contest: The Shanghai Masters

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Is Shanghai ready for the Baize Boys?

Entries are now welcome for the latest Top of the Pots Prediction Contest for next week’s Shanghai Masters, once again kind sponsors Betfred are offering a £50 free bet to the winner.

With there being a wildcard round I think it’s only fair that your team should include one of them, plus three players starting the tournament from Round One.

So you need to choose one player from the following list:

Jamie Burnett, Tian Pengfei, Dave Harold, P.Suwannawat, Andrew Higginson, Rouzi Maimaiti, Mike Dunn, Mei Xiwen, Ken Doherty, Mohammed Sajjad, Martin Gould, Li Hang, Robert Milkins, Jin Long, Joe Delaney, Li Yan.

Then choose three further players from the rest of the field.

The full draw can be accessed here. To keep up to date with the ongoing Top of the Pots Order of Merit or to see what the devil I’m going on about click here.

Remember that even if you are entering for the first time you will still have a chance of finishing the season at the top of the list as you will only be as good as your last three events.

Please enter using the comments section below or in the Top of the Pots section. You will need to fill out an email address in the section above before posting (this won’t be visible to others and is just to stop multiple entries from the same person).

You have until midnight on Sunday to enter, the best of luck.

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