August 17, 2010

Ronnie and Godspeed Feel the Pinch

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You never know which Ronnie is going to turn up.

Congratulations are due this morning to a true workhorse, an example of what a professional should be. Yes, a dazzling display of skill, consistency and fearless bottle ensured that Steve K won the inaugural PTC Prediction Contest. Truly a new sporting great is now born. Oh and Barry Pinches won the PTC4 if you hadn’t heard.

The Prediction Contest went right to the wire with unfortunate runner-up Godspeed being pipped in the end by 73 frames to 69, in a marathon match reminiscent of the days of old Joe Davis and year long finals, which went right down to the very last match. This is a far cry from the relative quickfire action that Ronnie O’Sullivan displayed right up to the semi-finals yesterday.

It looked to the majority that after battering Judd Trump and Marco Fu 4-0 each in no time, the field ahead would surely bow to the Rocket, but after just beating a resurgent Dominic Dale, Ronnie then somehow managed to squander a 3-1 lead against Barry and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. A tale of Two Ronnies yet again.

But you have to hand it to Pinches who was runner-up to Mark Selby in the PTC2 after holding a similar lead in the Final, he now holds an unlikely top spot on the Order of Merit after four events.

I’m thinking of sorting out our own Prediction Order of Merit, very much based on the new ranking system in that you will only be as good as your last three events. Mrs SB is going to be playing with spreadsheets to make this a pretty painless task so I’ll update later in the week. The plan is to have an overarching Order of Merit winners prize and hopefully one of the kind people reading this will be forthcoming with some goodies. The end of the season obviously will be the World Championship.

Back to the Two Ronnies, as there is a famous sketch of theirs that is based on the TV quiz series ‘Mastermind’ when Ronnie Corbett’s chosen specialist subject is ‘answering the question before last’ (this is it here). Well, that’s a bit like how I’m beginning to feel on the punting front for the PTC’s.

Firstly, former Team SB member Tom Ford went and won PTC3 at a three figure price and now Barry, who I mentioned in the PTC3 preview as a 100/1 chance goes and wins this one. Maybe if I keep the same team next time I might revert back to the good fortune of the first two events. But Marco put up a good show and it was always going to be tough against Ronnie, though he does have a good record against the Rocket, but it wasn’t to be and I missed out on the 10/1 place money by one round. Oh well.

I think that’s it for now, both Steve K and Godspeed should be emailing me with postal addresses today so anyone that thinks I might have made any mistake with their score (i.e. you scored more than 69), has until close of play tonight to launch an official Stewards Enquiry.

Steve’s team was: Pinches 28, Williams 21, Maguire 16 and Selby 8 = 73 frames won.

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