July 26, 2010

Alex leaves as he began, on the front page.

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When Alex saw red, so did the red tops.

There have been tens of thousands of articles written about the Hurricane during his lifetime and now he has passed away he is still grabbing the headlines.

Years ago he made front pages with headlines like ‘I HATE STEVE DAVIS’, ‘HURRICANE FALLS FROM THIRD FLOOR WINDOW’, ‘HURRICANE URINATES IN WEMBLEY PLANTPOT’, ‘HIGGINS: I’LL HAVE TAYLOR SHOT’ and the like, but today sadly, the newspapers are focusing more on the painfully sad demise of the legend and the circumstances surrounding his death.

It has been obvious to everyone for a long time that Alex was not going to win this final battle despite him defying the odds for many years and still, probably until the very end believing himself to be a top competitive player. But the truth is that despite the offers of help from those closest to him, in particular his great friend Jimmy White, Alex remained his own worst enemy and beyond help.

Sadly, ultimately nobody is to blame for his demise but himself, but that doesn’t make him any less of a legend in snooker, indeed in sport. We were very lucky to have him and the recordings of his brilliance and charisma will stand the test of time, in those and in his prime, he will live on as the Peoples Champion.

For the final word on the Hurricane I will again direct you to Mr Snooker himself Clive Everton here

In other news, the BTV Invitational event over in China ended with a home winner in much improving Tian Pengfei who managed to flatten Ryan Day 9-3 in a one sided final. I remember responding to a question about top ten players in five years time on another blog about a year ago and suggested that Tian would be there or thereabouts, to me he is as good as Liang Wenbo and just needs that break in the professional ranks to start racking up the results, I’m pretty sure they will come.

In two other minor events Fergal O’Brien won the Lucan Racing Irish Classic beating Michael Judge in the final and Stephen Lee scooped the Vienna Open with a final win over Bjorn Haneveer. 

The PTC event 3 is underway at the end of the week in Sheffield and I’ll be posting my thoughts on this once I have dissected the draw a little more closely, the usual format will be for me to pick a likely winner (two out of two so far 7/1 and 9/1) and a five man Team Snookerbacker at more generous prices to perhaps cause a shock.

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