July 24, 2010

Chirpy Rocket beating the blues

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Ronnie: Happy Camper

There is an interesting article this morning in the Scottish Sun, interesting mainly because, wait for it, ‘his own harshest critic’ Ronnie O’Sullivan spent the time cracking jokes with the reporter! It’s true!

In the interview the ever cheerful Rocket laments that even though his recent split from his girlfriend cost him the best part of £6million meaning he had to give back his best flashy car, he is nevertheless ‘in a good place’.

Surprisingly, given that he once accused former world domination tyrant Stephen Hendry of having ‘a sad little life’ he wishes this upon his kids, he says ‘If you’re a father, you’d love your son to turn out like Hendry. I’d be over the moon if my children grew to be like him. It’d be better than winning the lottery’.

He describes going to school and studying as a ‘misspent youth’ rather than the one he had and again says that the time up to 16 years of age for him was ‘ the happiest days of my life’ which I actually find quite sad.

But he is clearly relaxed and happy despite losing all that dosh and his treasured motor, no doubt bolstered by the recent release of his dad from prison. I remember them from when Ronnie was young and they were inseperable, his dad was quite a character, a ‘once-met never-forgotten’ type of bloke and I have to say I liked him. But then again Gazza liked Rauol Moat.

He then moves on to his love/hate relationship with snooker and again heaps praise on Hendry. He reveals that he feels uncomfortable with the walk-on music, though perhaps if he hadn’t started with that dreadful ‘Ali in the Jungle’ song he’d not be so scathing, you have to ask though that if he doesn’t like that kind of thing how will he cope with Power Snooker and all the razzmatazz that will surround him there?

Mags: Minimum Man

Anyway, the full article is available here.

Updates on the snooker this week sees the BTV Invitational heading for the final stages with semi-finals between Stephen Maguire and Ryan Day, with an all Chinese clash in the other one between Liang Wenbo and Tian Pengfei. More over at here. Glaswegian Skinhead Maguire has missed two gilt-edged chances at maximums already.

Over in Bangkok the 6 Red World Championship final is between Mark Selby and Ricky Walden who each came through their semi-finals on final frame deciders.

To check on the progress of the final click here, unless of course you can find Modernine TV, in which case you can watch it from 8am this morning.

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