July 21, 2010

I can feel the Power takin' over me: It's Power Snooker

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'A sexy reinvention of the traditional sport' that's Power Snooker, that is.

Hot off the press is the latest on the Power Snooker dudes, they promise to grab traditional by the balls shake it till it hurts and you’ll be able to watch the whole lot live for eight hours.

Ok I have exaggerated a bit there, but not much. On the 22nd July, yes that’s tomorrow, both Bazza and his flag bearer Ronnie will be attending the official launch of this new concept in ‘that London’.  

It promises to be ‘cutting edge, stylish, exciting and a sexy re-invention of the traditional sport’. Cor Blimey. It has been created to be ‘fast paced’ with 30 minutes maximum per game.’ With whoever is in front at this point emerging victorious if necessary.

‘Power Plays, Power Zones and a full interactive crowd atmosphere make Power Snooker fun and edge of the seat entertainment’. Apparently.

It’s fair to say that we won’t see any dump shots.

The Global Premiere of the event is on October 30th, with, wait for it, eight full hours of live TV courtesy of ITV4, with the world’s top players competing.

I even got an invite to the launch tomorrow with the chance to quiz Baz and Ron on the new venture, but I’m bloody working, typical. I wanted to ask if John Higgins will be locked in a suspended crate and dropped in to a vat full of sewage every time frame ball was missed.  

It seems, at least on the face of it, the real thing.

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