July 10, 2010

PTC Day 2 Updates

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Now, where did I leave that tape of Tony Meo v Les Dodd? There is a 48 break that I really need to watch again.

I’m an early to bed early riser kind of fellow, an occupational hazard of having a hungry cocker spaniel, a whippet anxious for his daily run on the beach and a day job, so I was only able to update up to a certain point last night before Mrs Snookerbacker ordered me to put my laptop away and pay her some attention.

As we are still in the throes of marital bliss I dutifully obeyed, I’m sure it will wear off soon. But I was thoroughly enjoying the comments section and a conversation with one particular fellow snooker nut who has a loft full of treasure much like my own.

Mine is full of snooker books, magazines and videos of matches that I will most likely never watch again, classics and not so classics from yesteryear. He however, seemed to have a penchant for ‘variety’ and ‘novelty snooker’ and the gems he has unleashed thus far take some beating.

If anyone would like to view some of the gems he has found then check out the comments section of this earlier post.

Anyway, to matters in hand. A disappointing day for the first two members of Team SB who will now surely not be appearing in the team colours again for a while; Martin Gould and Tom Ford both going out in the Last 32.

Pre tournament favourite Stephen Maguire looks to have a fairly straightforward path to the final on form and is justifying the price he was chalked up at with Skybet. Though he does seem to be having to do ‘the graveyard shift’ to get there.

I’ll be updating at various intervals during the day as the top half plays down to eight players today. Team SB now consisting of just Mark Selby, Ali Carter and Marco Fu.

Dave Hendon is one of the lucky hacks that gets invited to such events and his experiences of it can be read here.

Updates will appear below:

Round One

Mark Williams 4-3 Michael Holt

Mark Davis 4-0 Michael White

Mike Dunn 4-0 Robert Milkins

Mark Joyce 2-4  Anthony Hamilton

Mark Selby 4-0 Rod Lawler

Peter Ebdon 2-4 Shaun Murphy

Liu Chuang 4-2 Reanne Evans

Ben Harrison w/o Ian McCulloch

Ben Woollaston 2-4 Dermot McGlinchey

Marcus Campbell 4-2 Jak Jones

Tony Drago 1-4 Jimmy Robertson

Andy Hicks 4-2 Simon Bedford

Joe Jogia w/o Ken Doherty (waste of a tonne for our Ken, it’s non-refundable under Barry’s rules)

Liam Highfield 4-3 Adam Wicheard

Judd Trump 4-2 David Gilbert

Justin Astley 0-4 Joe Perry

Nigel Bond 2-4 Stuart Pettman

Stephen Lee 4-3 Jack Lisowski

Jamie Jones 4-1 Paul Davies

Andrew Norman 2-4 Andrew Pagett

Michael Wasley 4-3 James McBain

Bjorn Haneveer 4-1 Ryan Day

Barry Hawkins 3-4 Allister Carter

Peter Lines 4-1 David Bailey

Dominic Dale 2-4 Jamie O’Neill

Alan McManus 4-1 Patrick Einsle (welcome to the world of Big Al, Patrick)

Patrick Wallace 1-4 Kuldesh Johal

Matthew Selt 4-0 Anda Zhang

Matthew Couch v Lee Spick

Rory McLeod 4-0 Paul Metcalf

Marco Fu 4-1 Mitchell Travis

Nick Jennings 4-1 Chen Zhe

Round Two

Mark Williams 2-4 Mark Davis

Mike Dunn 1-4 Mark Joyce

Mark Selby 4-1 Shaun Murphy

Liu Chuang 4-0 Ben Harrison

Dermot McGlinchey 1-4 Marcus Campbell

Jimmy Robertson 4-2 Andy Hicks

Joe Jogia 1-4 Liam Highfield

Judd Trump 4-1 Joe Perry

Stuart Pettman 3-4 Stephen Lee

Jamie Jones 2-4 Andrew Pagett

Michael Wasley 4-1 Bjorn Haneveer

Ali Carter 3-4 Peter Lines

Jamie O’Neill 2-4 Alan McManus

Kuldesh Johal 4-1 Matthew Selt

Lee Spick 1-4 Rory McLeod

Marco Fu 4-3 Nick Jennings

Round 3

Mark Davis 4-1 Mark Joyce

Mark Selby 4-0 Liu Chuang

Marcus Campbell 2-4 Jimmy Robertson

Liam Highfield 4-2 Judd Trump

Stephen Lee 3-4 Andrew Pagett

Michael Wasley 1-4 Peter Lines

Alan McManus 4-3 Kuldesh Johal

Marco Fu 4-0 Rory McLeod

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