July 8, 2010

Countdown to the World Open

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Firstly readers, sad news, Tony Knowles has failed to make it past his first match in the PTC Event. Apologies in advance to any ladies reading this for the first time but I feel it is my duty to break the news to you. I am here for you, truly I am, I understand how upset you are, call me, I’m always here.

Anyway, he’s probably entered the World Open has our TK which has attracted almost 1000 amateurs, hackers and hopefuls who are all dreaming of a date with the big boys on telly in September.

The merry band of men and I presume women are registered for qualifying tournaments to be held at 10 Rileys clubs around the country. (Cardiff, Dunfermline, Glasgow, Guildford, Leicester, Middlesbrough, Norwich, Plymouth, Preston and Stevenage).

The head honcho’s at Rileys are clearly pleased with the uptake and their supremo Maurice Kelly says excitedly:

“We are delighted that nearly 1,000 amateur players have entered the World Snooker Open through Rileys clubs nationwide. This is largest-ever entry for a home-based snooker tournament. It proves that at its grassroots, the game of snooker is really flourishing, particularly when you look at the number of young entrants for this competition”.

He then gave it the old marketing flannel and continued: “Rileys are committed to developing snooker in the United Kingdom, through our hugely-successful Future Stars competition for players under 16, and the development work we do with our ambassador, Ronnie O’Sullivan.”

He then left the press call to ensure that the orders had been placed for extra sausage rolls, steak pies and cheese and onion crisps for the hungry brigade to munch on between matches. Just make sure you wash your hands before going back to the table or our Maurice will have you kicked out.

Chairman Barry also never misses an opportunity to pitch in and agreed with Mozza saying: 

Barry likes to give out the verbals.

“I’m thrilled to see that nearly 1,000 players have entered the Rileys qualifiers. It shows that snooker is still booming at club level and I’ve no doubt that there’s a lot of talent out there which could flourish in this event”.

“I’m keen to see the quality of the players who win these events and go through to the professional qualifiers. It will be fascinating to see if any of them can get through to the TV stages and take on the big boys”.

If anyone out there is involved in any of the events, get in touch and we’ll happily follow your progress (or lack of it of course..)

You can read more about the World Open here.

You can also watch an interview with Rileys Ambassador and Part-Time Chocolate Factory owner Ronnie here.

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