July 7, 2010

Snooker Through the Medium of Song and Dance

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These two have a lot to answer for.

I bet you thought I was joking yesterday, but no, continuing the arty theme of the week I have decided to wrap up with a brief look at how snooker has been represented through music and the accompanying movement of the human form; dance.

Who can forget the boom years of the Eighties when a youthful Barry Hearn employed the services of Charles Nicholas Hodges and David Victor Peacock aka ‘Chas and Dave’, to pen a song for his Matchroom Mob.

The resulting ‘Snooker Loopy’ surely going down as the baize’s very own ‘Three Lions’. The anthem to a snooker mad generation if ever there was one. But that wasn’t enough for Barry. Oh no.

As if they hadn’t done enough to kill or at least leave music in a permanent vegetative state, Willie, Steve, Terry, Dennis and Tony teamed up with new recruits Jimmy White and Neal Foulds to record the less successful but equally dreadful ‘Romford Rap’. Those brave or deaf enough can relive this final nail in the coffin of music here.

But just like a green baize vampire, music somehow rose from the dead only to be staked through the heart once and for all by none other than Peter Ebdon. His rendition of David Cassidy’s ‘I am a Clown’ scooping worst video award in 1996 (there surely wasn’t a worse song than this that year?). 

The last time I posted a link on here to this song somebody removed it from existence as if to deny that it ever happened, possibly Peter himself, but if you have a little patience with loading it, this too has risen like a phoenix from the flames here.

That’s the thing I like about Bulgarians, they will trawl high and low to find these gems and make sure our Ebbo never forgets his past misdemeanours. Quite rightly so.

The baize is a legendary breeding ground for talent.

As for snooker’s relationship with dance, this is a little more difficult to quantify. But if you look hard enough you can find it. A post on here from many months ago gave us a sneak preview into how Willie and Dennis, fresh from their Strictly Come Dancing experiences, interpret dance in relation to the baize and this can be relived by the sick and delusional here.

But the undisputed ‘King’ of the Dancefloor who really helped put snooker and dancing into the public eye is none other than the Hotstepper himself, Mark King. His daft antics at the Masters in front of a sell-out front row can be witnessed again here.

If these two ‘hilarious’ clips weren’t enough to convince you that snooker is truly a breeding ground for dancefloor heartthrobs we are treated here to the truly wonderful spectacle of snooker balls getting in on the act. It’s fair to say this starts poorly and then fizzles out a bit towards the end as if the animator just got a bit bored and realised it was a stupid idea.

So there we have it, with a heavy heart I must bring this epic mini-series of snooker’s complex relationship with arts and literature to an end. I’m sure we all agree that snooker’s contribution to the cultural heritage of the globe has been comprehensively covered, for the first time, right here.

I’ll be getting back to something like reality later on with a look at the minefield that is the Players Tour Championship Event 2 which starts tomorrow but begins in earnest on Friday.

Till then, keeeeeeeep dancing.

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