July 2, 2010

The Hurricane 'too ill for crucial operation'

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Alex's back is against the wall again

You’ll remember a while back a few of Alex Higgins’ chums rallied round on his behalf and a local dentist donated a new set of gnashers to the Hurricane who hadn’t eaten properly for many years.

Snooker stars such as Jimmy White, Tony Knowles and John Virgo all showed support for the ailing star.

Well the Sun is reporting today that unfortunately he isn’t in a fit or healthy state to have the operation.

It also reports that a recent trip to Spain to see a specialist resulted in Higgins sitting in a bar smoking and drinking rum and generally being quite rude to people.

The full report is here, the comments below seem to have little sympathy for Alex.

If ‘the bar’ story is true you do have to wonder why Alex isn’t helping himself a little more, but bear in mind this is the Sun and it isn’t exactly known for its accuracy or factual representation of events. For overseas readers, it is basically the sister ‘newspaper’ of the News of the World.

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