June 30, 2010

A Day in the Life

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If anyone tells you they made a better song than this, murder them.

Not much to talk of on the snooker front today at all, which is quite lucky as I’ve been off leading my double life all day. It really isn’t that easy juggling this all with being Deputy Prime Minister, but it passes the time I suppose and the country can’t run itself.

Anyway, as one very shrewd commenter on here said not long back, the comments section ‘is only for losers’, therefore I have cut and pasted one particular ‘losers’ comments on the betting angle of the latest PTC from an odds compilers point of view, just in case you miss it as I know only the dedicated few post their thoughts on here; which are always welcome and usually replied to by the way.

The text below was posted by the only odds compiler brave enough to take on Team SB in the event; Skybet. I suppose it just gives an interesting insight into things from the bookies angle:

Hi Guys. First of all apologies for not pricing up the matches and outright as promised on Sunday but I just did not have time to do so. Really disappointed with this first event though as there was very little punter interest despite some great tips from Mr Snookerbacker himself including the 7/1 winner. I really did think there would be more interest from snooker punters but apparently not which is a shame. Not going to give up though and hopefully some more shrewd punts on here might persuade punters to get involved.

Going to try and find time to price up the Order of Merit some time today which to be quite honest is going to be a bit of a guess with a lot of the top players schedules unknown. I’m guessing that the likes of Ding, Liang and Robertson will not put in an appearance until later on and Hendry has said that he will play later but not sure at all about Carter and Allen. In fact they are the only other contenders really so should be able to make a pretty good educated guess. Judging by the results of event one it does very much look like the cream is going to rise to the top and it also looks like Ronnie is up for it which is a good thing.

Just before anyone says it, I have no vested interest with Skybet, indeed I would like a lot more choice in snooker markets across the firms, but the World Cup is on so it’s understandable that markets on smaller events are very limited.

Part of the growth of snooker, whether we like it or not will depend on the level of interest from punters on events, though as I’ve said on here before the shorter the formats, the less most serious punters are likely to get too involved in snooker.

I suspect the next event will probably bring out a few more of the top 16, I hope I’m not breaking a confidence in stating that I think Ali Carter will be playing in most of the events including the next. Though as one commenter said yesterday, apparently the top 64 seeds will be the last 64 from the first event, which makes those entering late at a slight disadvantage in that they will have the ‘potential banana skin’ rounds to get through, if you think they’re easy, just ask Shaun Murphy.

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