June 25, 2010

The World Snooker Scoreboard: New Era, Still Rubbish.

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Please use this link to once again start the season off with a bang.

It seems that the World Snooker Scoreboard is not yet aware of the dawning of a new era in the sport.

At least we can always rely on it to never work for the duration of an entire match.

It is only through complaining about it that it can change. Apparently there is a wholescale revamp of the site coming soon. Can’t come soon enough in my opinion.

And as for the snooker poet……don’t get me started, no seriously, don’t.

They can send man to the moon but they can’t let us know how our heroes are performing in the first ranking event of the season. It just ain’t good enough and I will, as last season, continue to flag up to World Snooker its inadequacies for as long as it takes.

In the words of Barry himself ‘I’ll be your worst enemy’.

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