June 16, 2010

UPDATED: Pink Ribbon Event – Great Cause but Great Punt?

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Tomorrow sees the start of the Pink Ribbon Tournament, an independent pro-am which will be the first of its kind held at the new South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester.

A full description of the event is on Dave Hendon’s blog here

Sportingbet have priced the event up with joint favourites at 8/1 being Judd Trump and Ryan Day.

They don’t have a price on Stephen Maguire, although the indication is that he has entered the event. Now where have I heard that before….

Anyway, great cause which can be donated to here which is surely more worthwhile donating your cash to than putting a couple of quid on the three I’ll nominate against the lot of them in this lottery, Barry Hawkins and Martin Gould @ 25/1 and Jack Lisowski @ 80/1.

Though I would not be a bit surprised if Jimmy White landed the 50/1 available. A fiver on each I reckon.

Oh go on then I’ll add Alfie Burden at 100/1.

There will be a few events of this type this year for punters with a few quid to lose. But at least this is all in a good cause.

My advice, if you do bet on it and end up winning donate a bit to the charity, you never know when someone close to you might need it.

If any of these five win it I’ll hold you to it.

You can keep up with the event at the excellent Global Snooker Website here .

If you are in the area you can even get a ticket and go and watch and mingle with stars such as Mitchell Man (not to be confused with the Michelin Man), an old Scouse acquiantance of mine and ex-pro John Whitty, the grandly named Robert Valiant, that fat dancer from Take That Robbie Williams and Lee Shanker, whose surname is screaming out ‘what’s my rhyming nickname’.

You can even get a sneak preview into the lives of the snooker jet-set by clicking here where the players are enjoying a barbecue prior to the event and Mark Davis appears to be playing ping-pong in a garage. Reanne Evans even showed up until Alfie Burden started hitting the vino at which point she made a swift exit as he started shouting ‘STRIPPER!’ at the top of his voice.

But a mammoth field out in support of the charity so hats off to the baize boys and girl.  


Gooooo Onnn Jimmy



Jack Lisowski v Oliver Brown
Aditya Mehta v David Grace
Liam Highfield v Karl Ashmore
James Loft Bye in to Round 2
Gerard Greene v Steve Crowley
Ben Harrison v Matthew Stevens
Mitchell Mann v Joe Jogia
Nigel Bond v Simon Dent
Paul Mount v James Brown
Mark Joyce v Neville Whalley
Stephen Welsby v Tom Maxfield
Barry Hawkins v Geoff Williams


Neil Tomkins v Neal Jones
Kyren Wilson v Robert Valiant
David Brown v Ben Woollaston
Judd Trump v Ryan Causton
Michael Wasley v Roland Van Laere
Michael Dubicki v Jamie O’Neill
Sebastian Worrell v Tom Ford
Chris Norbury Bye in to Round 2
Michael Holt v Stuart Hatch
Marc Harman Bye in to Round 2


Rod Lawler v Eden Sharav
Martin O’Donnell v Sam Harvey
Anthony McGill v Gary Miller
James Hill v Dominic Dale
Craig Steadman v Tom Kerslake
Mark Davis v Jordan Rimmer
Nick Jennings v Matthew Day
Jak Jones v Phil O’Kane
Alex Taubman v Joe Perry
Nathan Williams v Damian Wilkes

Gooo Onnnn Gouldy Baby


Reanne Evans v Alan Battman
Ryan Day v Lee Shanker
Jamie Jones v David Craggs
Alfie Burden Bye in to Round 2
Richard Clark v Jake Gill
Jeff Cundy v Stephen Lee
Justin Anderson v Daniel Wells
Matthew Selt v Bobby Selfworth
Adam Wicheard Bye in to Round 2
Martin Gould Bye in to Round 2
Stuart Bingham v Craig Barber


Allan Taylor v Paul Norris
Barry Pinches v Michael Wild
Adrian Tocknell v Shahrukh Nasir
Kuldesh Johal Bye in to Round 2
Dave Harold v Luke Hooper
Allan Tunney Bye in to Round 2
Jimmy Robertson Bye in to Round 2
John Whitty v Paul Williams
Jimmy White v James Popplewell
Martin Ball Bye in to Round 2


Kishan Hirani v Andrew Norman
Daniel Ward Bye in to Round 2
Ricky Walden v Sydney Wilson Jnr*
Lee Farebrother Bye in to Round 2
Kieran Dwyer v Andy Hicks
Jamie Walker v Michael Leslie
Robert Milkins Bye in to Round 2
Robbie Williams v Danny Douane
Simon Bedford v Declan Bristow
Sam Craigie v Jake Nicholson
Tony Drago Bye in to Round 2

* Sydney Wilson Junior not to be confused with the legend that is Sydney Wilson Senior.

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