June 12, 2010

Tour Wildcards have International Feel

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Sinuca Loopy nuts are we.

To back up the belief that snooker needs to ‘go global’ Barry Hearn has granted wildcards for the main tour next season to a German and a German based Brazilian.

Germany’s Patrick Einsle has been secured one of the wildcards for the Main Tour.

23 year old Einsle has competed on the tour before but only managed to amass a total of 3 professional wins against illustrious names such as Alfie Burden, Joe Jogia and Andy Letz (who?).

He will join German based Brazilian Igor Figuierado on the tour as Baz aims to cash in on the popularity of the game in Germany.

The wildcards to date have been a little questionable to some and there will be many who feel that Lord Barry is using them to promote the game rather than reward performances. But is that necessarily a bad thing in the current climate?

Igor’s place in particular will come as a welcome break for the massive fan base in Brazil for Snooker or ‘Sinuca’ which is a form of our great game with only one red played over there and mainly on smaller 10ft tables with ‘pool sized’ pockets.

Reanne Evans - A bit of skirt on the tour

Apparently our Igor only played on a 12ft table for the first time a couple of years ago when he arrived in Germany.

As well as the two names above, Baz has used one of the spots to introduce Reanne Evans to the bloke infested waters of the main tour.

Women on the tour? Whatever next? Not since the arrival of Allison Fisher many years ago has the game opened up to the fairer sex. But Allison struggled to cope with life in the macho world of the baize. Can Reanne do any better?

But all in all, in my view on balance it’s better that the tour cards are used to generate possible new avenues and markets rather than give to someone that is simply going to blend into the background.

That said however do we really expect any of these three players, however capable they are, to appear on our screens or even our radar at all this season? I’d guess no. Though it would be nice to see Reanne claim a few male scalps, if only to prove that the old phrase ‘you were beaten by a bird’ is alive and well amongst the boys. Interesting times ahead.

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