June 2, 2010

All Aboard the Bazza Express

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HAVE IT. Bazza toys are still in the pram.

Barry Hearn, Chairman of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, saw his blueprint for snooker’s future accepted by the sport’s voting members this afternoon’s Extraordinary General Meeting in Sheffield.

The players voted 35-29 in favour of Bazza’s cunning plan, which includes a variety of new tournaments for the coming season, including a quick-fire Pantomime Shoot-Out event, a new ranking event in Berlin and a Player Tour Championship series. As well as some proper events.

The players are obviously thrilled at the prospect of being gunged live on Sky after losing a frame which will probably last no longer than 30 seconds.

“I’m delighted by the outcome,” said the grinning Baz. “I do not under-estimate the challenges that lie ahead, but for the moment snooker is united and the future looks rosy”.

“I owe the game a lot and I will make sure that I will be giving 100 per cent every day to bring it to the level at which it should be operating” he went on.

This came after the news this morning that his rival John Davison decided not to bother going to the EGM after insinuating that Good old Baz was playing dirty and not letting him speak to the players directly.

So it looks like old Big Mouth has got his way, this is either great news for the future or the day that snooker sold its soul to the lowest bidder. Time will tell. But clearly by the margin of victory there are still a lot of players very sceptical of the Cockney Geezer’s Grand Plan.

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