May 31, 2010

Ding Junhui Backs Barry's Oppo

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There's someone sitting there mate. Ding doesn't agree with Ron on this one.

The feeling I am getting is that the players are beginning to think a little more carefully about the implications of Barry Hearn’s plans and today the provisional world number one, Ding Junhui has backed his rival John Davison publicly.

Ding isn’t usually one to speak out but he is arguably one of the players that will be most affected by the vote on Wednesday (if it happens that is). Along with the likes of Neil Robertson, Mark Allen, Liang Wenbo and a few others whose best years are arguably still ahead of them.

Ding has come out in support of John Davison’s bid to take control of professional snooker because he does not want to feel “owned”. An interesting choice of phrase that.

He is hoping Davison’s rival proposal is accepted ahead of Barry Hearn’s existing offer.

“John Davison wants to work with us in a partnership rather than own us. Snooker can only belong to the players”

“I do think that he is offering the things I am interested in as a player who has come through the ranks and wants snooker to grow”

“I have taken a few days to look at the options and speak to different people, especially those around me who I trust. And I think we must trust Mr Davison”

Obviously Ding’s friendship with Peter Ebdon and ongoing dealings with all things Hendry has to be taken into account here, but there is no doubt that his opinion will worry those that have previously been so vocal in favour of the Cockney Massive.

I have been quite surprised that a bid from someone more related to Chinese snooker hasn’t been more forthcoming, if, as we are led to believe, this is where the true future of the game lies.

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