May 18, 2010

Have the News of the World put words in John's mouth?

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John might need some tips on who to use as his defence advisors.

The intrepid Nick Harris at Sportingintelligence this morning questions the accuracy of the transcript of the original sting video ‘evidence’ by the News of the World.

He points to errors in what Higgins and Mooney actually said and what the subtitles say they said. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

While what he discovers are only arguably minor details and may simply be down to the turnaround time needed to get the story out, it still strengthens the case for Higgins in that what they are attributing to him is not actually what he said.

Though how he can explain the swallowing of 300,000 Euros comment is quite another matter. But I’m sure he will argue that all his comments were taken out of context.

I’d still say that despite the fact that I despise the NOTW, there is still some pretty damning quotes from the two of them however way you look at it and it will take a team of top notch advisers to get John out of this one.

It all depends on the size of the nut

The Russian Mafia excuse was probably the most ill-advised piece of wisdom that daft John was ever given and the fact that he didn’t contact the authorities straight after the meeting still needs to be explained.

Roy Greenslade has also commented and appears to have some sympathy with Higgins, saying: 

There wasn’t an ounce of prima facie evidence against Higgins. It was the worst form of entrapment that has ruined his reputation and, quite possibly, may wreck his career.

To what end? To expose major wrongdoing? Hardly. To clean up snooker? No. In truth, a hammer has been taken to a nut.

You can read his thoughts here.

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