May 17, 2010

The Health of the Hurricane and Your Chance to Help

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It is plainly obvious to anyone that has seen him lately that Alex Higgins is not a well man. He has been giving some interviews lately over in Belfast and his latest one tells of suicidal thoughts.

Alex also told the Belfast Telegraph that tears still fill his eyes when he thinks of how he treated his “last great love” Siobhan Kidd — who ditched him in 1989 after he battered her with a hairdryer. Not quite the ‘hairdryer treatment’ of which the Manchester United Manager is so fond.

In an attempt to get him back on the road to recovery soap and snooker stars have joined forces to help ailing two-time world champion get crucial surgery reports todays Daily Mirror.

The 61-year-old has been living on baby food after losing his teeth from radiotherapy while battling throat cancer and has lost so much weight that he looks skeletal and is so fragile he can hardly lift a snooker cue.

His former PA, Will Robinson, said: “We are desperately trying to raise £20,000 for teeth implants, which his dentist insists will help him eat properly again”.

“Alex is living in a tiny flat in Belfast and has been living off baby food for years. It’s so sad. Unless we do something he could be facing death.”

Higgins has also had to undergo two throat operations and can only talk in a faint whisper.

Will added: “He’s still loved by many and we’re hoping people will remember what he brought to the sport.”

He is organising a fundraising dinner in Chinatown in Manchester on Tuesday where guests are likely to include Higgins, Jimmy White, John Virgo, Jamie Lomas from Hollyoaks (who?) and Ryan Thomas from Coronation Street (I think I know who he is).

Will added: “It would be amazing if he could get better and, who knows, one day made it back to the table.”

As he is booked in to appear in the final stages of the World Seniors Event then at least he has a focus. It is clear that he is going to need all his legendary fighting spirit if he is to make it there.

A national campaign has now been launched and Jeremy Wilson in the Telegraph rightly calls on the game that he played a huge role in making a global phenomenon to dig deep to help him out. You can read his article here.

If you would like to contribute to the ‘Save Alex Higgins Fund’ click here.

Jimmy has always tried to help Alex out

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