May 16, 2010

New Bits and Bobs

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As it’s thankfully fairly quiet on the snooker front this morning as the News of the World moves merrily along on to wreck someone else’s life I thought I’d experiment with that annoying Twitter thing.

There is an icon on the right hand menu with all that ‘Follow Me’ nonsense, though I have no idea why you would want to the option is there if you want to hear any further inane ramblings from me.

In other developments, there has been a slight controversy surrounding the awarding of one of Mrs SB’s Willies the other day and it has got so serious that one of the Willies has had to be retrieved and given to another player, there is also a new category late Willie been awarded. Mrs SB was unaware of a key issue surrounding the integrity of Joe Perry’s top shirt button and straightness of tie so being a sensitive little thing she has decided to change her mind. A woman’s prerogative she tells me.

However, I think her motives might be driven by a desire to have a signed photo of one of the players in question, but I am not one to rock the boat at Snookerbacker Mansions.

She is also very kindly offering to help any bloggers out that might want to ask her a question in her new ‘Ask Mrs Snookerbacker’ column here.

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