May 15, 2010

Bond warms up for Seniors with Pontins Win

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Can Nige become a double world champion?

Nigel ‘Licensed to Pot’ Bond has signalled his intent of adding the World Seniors Championship to his World Games Championship Title with a victory in the Pontins Spring Open.

Nige, who beat Stephen Craigie in the final and also dispensed with the promising Daniel Wells along the way, proved that there is life in the old dog yet.

“Just this week I have won the Spring Open at Pontin’s, and I was giving away 18 points to some of the young kids who are going to be on the main tour next season,” he bragged afterwards waving his £4000 winners cheque in the general direction of anyone that cared to listen.

But to be fair, most of the kids he was playing were only really there to join Captain Crocodile’s fun club parade and get a free goody bag full of sweets and weren’t really too bothered about the snooker.

But not our Nige, he stayed at the complex in the lap of luxury and took the tournament seriously. He now clearly has his sights set on being Snooker’s only multiple world champion.

Whilst he was showing off about beating the youngsters he also found time to show off about some of his past achievements to the Bradford Telegraph work experience reporter aswell.

In 1994, he reminded the fresh-faced hack that beat former world champion Cliff Thorburn 10-9 from 9-2 down in the first round of the World Championships.

“Cliff was playing quite well at the time and it wasn’t as if he didn’t have chances to win the match,” grinned Bond, rubbing a bit more salt in Cliff’s old wound in preparation for them possibly meeting up again in the old gits event. It was Cliff’s last ever game at the Crucible and one that Nigel never lets him forget.

“But when you get back to 9-5 and 9-7, you think ‘I can win this match’.” He chortled while sniffing his cheque.

Nigel stayed in the lap of luxury at Pontins

As the now frankly bored reporter was packing his stuff away Nigel interjected once more and decided to also remind him that in taking the 1996 British Open he trailed 69-0 to John Higgins in the final frame with only 67 on the table.

However, Nigey Boy not only got the snooker that he needed but cleared up as well to take the crown – a show of resilience that won the Old Tupton resident the Performance of the Year award from the WPBSA. Which still sits atop his mantlepiece to this day.

Before he could go on to say that he reached the World Final and was unlucky to find Hendry at his peak waiting for him the reporter had made a hasty exit, leaving behind a half eaten muffin.

Fascinating stuff from the archives there.

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