May 14, 2010

The Tale of Dott

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He got knocked down but he got up again.

There is quite a revealing article in todays Daily Record which charts the full extent of the depression that Graeme Dott suffered before he came back to being the Dott we all know and love.

His trouble and strife and childhood sweetheart Elaine is remarkably candid about the behaviour of the wee man that she had to endure before finally convincing him to see the quack.

Apparently there were times when Graeme would not bother to eat, dress, shower or shave and he would sit staring at the TV, lost in a trance. Sounds a bit like me during the World Championships to be fair, apart from the eating bit.

Elaine also recalls him watching five hours of television and not being able to recall one thing that he had seen. Which again is par for the course in our house when Mrs Snookerbacker has control of the remote, endless repeats of America’s Next Top Model puts me in a bit of a trance too.

Anyway, the full article is here . Sounds like the old adage is right, behind every good man there is a good woman, Mrs SB often repeats this to me. But it seems Dotty has a real belter in our Elaine.

Though in the interests of equality and so I don’t have the politically correct brigade on my tale I should also say that behind every good gay man is another good gay man, or on second thoughts I should probably rephrase that. When I say behind, I don’t mean behind if you catch my drift.

Oh never mind, you get the point.

Speaking of Mrs Snookerbacker, friends and fans of the first lady of the baize will be pleased to hear that she is currently penning her latest entry to the blog. She has a new initiative that she wants to try out, god help us.

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