May 8, 2010

Brace Yourselves for More Revelations

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Brace Yourselves. Is there another cannonball heading our way tomorrow?

It has now been nearly a week since the John Higgins story broke in the News of the World and tomorrow the paper is promising fresh revelations about the sport.

It is difficult to know whether this will be more of the same in terms of the World Number One or the focus shifting onto other players. There were hints in last week’s story of names being erased from the article ‘for legal reasons’, is this merely a carrot dangler to the stories we will be waking up to tomorrow?

There are certain bits of ‘old news’ that they might regurgitate, stories involving Jamie Burnett, Stephen Maguire and Stephen Lee will be newsworthy only to people that don’t follow the game. News that Mark King turned down the opportunity to fix a match for £100,000 again would simply constitute old news, speculation about certain other matches would only amount to conjecture without hard evidence.

The worry obviously is that there is a ‘another letter in the post’ either for Higgins or another high profile player. You’d hope that last week can’t be topped and the timing of the story and the profile of the player suggests that anything after last week will not be as big a story. But you never know obviously.

Whatever the news is I urge you not to buy the paper (I refuse to prefix the previous word with the word ‘news’) and not to feed the type of ‘journalists’ that it employs, the gutter press can only thrive on a public hungry for it’s offerings, but in the age of the internet we do not have to go as far as handing over the hard-earned cash to encourage them.

I have been updating the Higgins scandal here all week with developments and commentaries.

I will continue to do so and hopefully tomorrow will not give me any need to escalate the game’s future status from ‘unclear’ to ‘in peril’.

I just hope that I can say the same for Higgins given the rumours that are circulating at the moment. I’m less confident about that I have to say.

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