May 6, 2010

The Nugget's take on the showdown talks

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The Nuggett and Baz go back a long long way

WPBSA board member Steve ‘The Nugget’ Davis recognises that his close association with Barry Hearn, his long term manager, makes him biased.

But after the players sat down to listen to what the great man had to say yesterday Steve gave this assessment: “If I had to try to judge the vibe in the room, I think a majority of concerns were explained and people’s worries were put to rest”.

There’s that word ‘vibe’ again, I wonder if John Stewart was in attendance? 

“I do feel that in a face-to-face situation where they listen to Barry and listen to his passion, if there were any major groups of doubters, it didn’t seem by the end of the meeting that they were really that strong.”

There remain those who have little time for Baz and believe he has convinced the players to back him simply through his highly persuasive, charming manner. One of his biggest critics is a blast from the past, just when you thought you’d heard the last of 135 year old Rex Williams he’s lambasting Bazza in the Daily Express.

Davis told Press Association Sport: “I think the trouble is that if someone is convinced that they’re being conned, the only way of proving them wrong is by looking at the situation three or four years down the line”.

All worship at the Church of Saint Bazza

“A lot of the snooker players see some light at the end of the tunnel”.

“The only people who’ll be voting will be the players. Obviously there are people whispering, but it’s about the players”

“At the meeting there were a lot of people talking who weren’t players, and one of the players stood up and said, ‘You’re talking among yourselves, but this is about us and our future’, and the players started clapping.”

My money’s on Ali Carter or Graeme Dott, a right pair of terriers when their backs are up.

On the current hot topic of match fixing Hearn believes players will be “terrified” of cheating the system after seeing John Higgins (Stanley Laurel) suspended for allegedly agreeing to fix frames.

The Ageless Rex Williams (third from left) who Barry dismisses as 'out of touch'. Typical Alex above, forgot his cue.

Higgins (Laurel) has firmly denied wrongdoing and vowed to clear his name following the News of the World allegations that he and his manager Oliver Hardy reached a deal in Kiev with an undercover reporter, posing as a businessman, to deliberately lose frames in four matches to be played later this year.

Uncle Baz claimed players would be affected by the Laurel case, and wary of what might happen if they are offered the chance to become involved in shady deals.

Hearn said: “Terrified is a very good word and they should be, because it’s their living and they’re seeing the world number one have his world torn apart.”

Barry admitted that not everyone was on board and of Del Hill he said “Del Hill was treated to a full explanation of my feelings on the subject. Del might be the best coach in the world but what he knows about business can be written on the back of a packet of cigarettes.”

On the subject of Sexy Rexy, Hearn simply brushed off his remarks as someone who was out of touch and hadn’t been in touch for twenty years.

He was slightly more charitable towards Peter Ebdon and said “Ebdon was consistent and said he doesn’t agree with it, and we discussed it and agreed to disagree, he came up afterwards and said, ‘I really share your views on the future, I just don’t like the thought of you owning it’. But that’s OK, that’s the deal, vote against it”.

In lighter news, the new champion Neil Robertson has been giving his thoughts on his new status as champ, why he hopes Higgins is cleared and the joys of having his mum around and his impending fatherhood, he genuinely does look like the cat that got the cream, it appears from the accompanying picture he also followed my advice to back him as he seems to be collecting his winnings from the bookies. Click here to read.

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