May 5, 2010

The warnings were there for John to see…The World of John Stewart, Electricity Salesman.

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I warned snooker champ John Higgins of possible

‘deception’, claims ‘psychic’ pal


He's wasted at Scottish Power is John Stewart

For once I really don’t think I even need to pass any sarcastic comments on this Top Drawer Loon, I have met my match, this guy is barking mad.

This is taken from today’s Daily Record.  

A “PSYCHIC” snooker buddy of John Higgins last night claimed he warned the star he would be filmed in a telly sting.

Scottish Power salesman John Stewart, who claims to be clairvoyant, says he got a “psychic vibe” last December and tipped Higgins off.

John has known the Wishaw Wizard for years, as a member of the Masters Club in Dennistoun, Glasgow, where the star plays with fellow pros Graeme Dott and Stephen Maguire.

He says he made a beeline for Higgins in the club’s bar as soon as the “message” came through.

Higgins is now fighting newspaper claims – backed up by video evidence – that he negotiated to fix matches for a cash bung.

John said yesterday: “I got a feeling something was in the pipeline involving a wind-up on TV.

“I was thinking of something along the lines of Punk’d on MTV but the meaning of the prediction has fallen into place now”.

A Load of Balls? Should John have listened to the spiritual salesman?

“Obviously, the message I was getting referred to this sting operation by the journalists, which dragged him into all this mess.”

Oh yes obviously, the benefit of hindsight eh? (Sorry couldn’t resist it)

John 37, says he first gave Higgins a psychic message in 2007, when he correctly predicted he would win the World Championships.

My tipping source is finally revealed, I am another innocent victim of this smear campaign.

He said: “He was sceptical but he soon started asking me if I could see anything for him”.

“It doesn’t work like that but I did give him some information from my vibes a few times.”

Yes, come on John, it doesn’t work like that, you have to pay him first, you know, like in Russia, you know the score big man.

John said all the members of the Masters club he had spoken to were supporting Higgins, who is suspended from competition.

He said: “He is a victim in this and I hope this will be made clear in any inquiry.”

Higgins’s manager Pat Mooney has already been forced to resign from the board of snooker’s governing body, the WPBSA.

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