May 4, 2010

News of the Baize Demise is Greatly Exaggerated

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A lot of us stayed tuned, but how many stayed awake?

BBC2’s marathon live coverage of the 2010 snooker world championship final attracted an average audience of more than 2.5 million over five hours last night.

Robbo’s 18-13 victory over Graeme Dott gave BBC2 an average of 2.5 million viewers and a 14.8% audience share between 8am and the conclusion of the final just before 1am.

And all this despite the match at times being about as exciting as watching four snails compete in a two day synchronised crawling challenge match.

It is uncomfirmed as yet whether the numbers include those that left their TV sets on whilst retiring to the loft to take an overdose or blow their brains out.

The snooker audience peaked at 3.6 million in the quarter hour from 10.45pm.

BBC2’s live snooker had more than double the average Monday night audience share for the network over the previous three months. Easily surpassing a recent documentary on the origins of the toothpaste tube (and cap) which was a particular favourite of mine, I’ve watched it several times. Fascinating stuff.

So a bit of cheer for the doom and gloom merchants that are currently speaking of the death of our great sport. We will fight them on the beaches. Yes We Can.

Obviously, the coverage over the weekend was not good, but if there is one person that knows how to handle the media it is good old cockney wide boy and former used-car salesman Uncle Baz.

Neil - The New Flag Bearer

The more cycnical people amongst the hard-nosed betting fraternity have even gone so far as to suggest that Saint Baz of Hearnsville had advanced warning of the story and was not too concerned that it broke on the eve of the World Championship Final in a sport that has struggled for viewers for a good few years now and hasn’t been on the front pages since that fateful day that former professional Rodney Goggins streaked at the Olympics in a last ditch attempt to revive the dying patient.

What could you all be thinking? Hang your heads in shame I say.

But we have our champion, a media friendly, articulate, rags to riches lad with a story to tell and a hairstyle to match. Those of you who follow me faithfully on here will remember just before the event when that Scottish bloke whose name escapes me and who is slowly being edited out of the history books said Neil had ‘a dodgy barnet’, I warned him then as I will remind him now, that revenge is a dish best served cold, though if you are having Chicken Kievs tonight please always read the cooking instructions and make sure the middle is piping hot.

Hat’s off to our new Saviour of Snooker, or Aussie SOS as he is known to Baz.

If you deviate from the instructions you could end up sick.

He also justified the place at the top of our Crucible shortlist and I hope you made a pretty penny or two out of the championships. I’ll update the P&L statistics this evening and obviously keep any developments involving Mr Higgins and our game in general updated on the right hand menu and as main posts.

Can I just add that I really appreciate the support you have given the blog and me personally since it started as a very small project back in mid-January. The response has been overwhelming and way beyond any of my expectations, I’m thinking of approaching a few of my friends in Russia to see if they’ll pay me to give out some dodgy tips. The plan is coming to fruition nicely (Gain their trust, then shaft ’em I learnt all I know from Pat Mooney).

In this short time and despite the lack of events, we have at least managed to find all three ranking winners in the tournaments since we started up in John Higgins (8/1 Welsh Open – his last ever title?), Mark Williams (20/1 China Open) and Neil Robertson (12/1 World Champion).

Wish I’d had the 2339/1 treble……but musn’t grumble.

Thanks again for your support, I’ll be updating randomly on here as ever but be sure to rejoin me in droves as we try and beat the bookies into submission next season.

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