May 2, 2010

John, what have you done?

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For anyone that is interested and I hope for regular reader(s) here, you still are. I am upset and I am angry in equal measure tonight. Today has been a punch in the stomach, a kick in the guts, a day when I forgot about the final of what should be the best bank holiday weekend of the year.

Whatever the endgame is here, John Higgins has gone down in my estimation today, as a person around the same age and with seemingly stable family lives, I will never understand the ‘off camera’ persona that he has demonstrated in the video clips. Pat Mooney didn’t come onto my radar until he addressed me personally in correspondence, it’s becoming increasingly obvious why he did that. It has also made me wonder whether to bother with this anymore, I was quite enjoying it, hope you were too.

As for Barry, the jury is out, but I’ve met Peter Ebdon a few times and I like him.

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