April 23, 2010

Ol' Big Head Murphy and Other Reactions

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God botherer Shaun clearly believes in fantasy characters.

*Anyone interested in going to the Crucible tomorrow please see the comments on this thread from deco*

Some more players reactions below following yesterday’s games which very nearly saw Shaun Murphy suffer one of the greatest ever Crucible comebacks before falling over the line against Gerard Greene.

Shaun Murphy said:

At no time did I feel that I was going to lose the match, the gremlins in my head were not that bad.

But it would have been so nice to have won the match 10-1, by going out there and just doing the job. But to be fair to Gerard, he did not allow me to do that.

Apart from maybe a couple of half chances and obviously the frame where he got the snookers, I didn’t feel I had a good chance until the last when I won the match. It was only at that stage when the balls said “here we are pot us then” and I did.

Not only does Grade A nutter Shaun believe in gremlins, he also now thinks the balls are talking to him.

The frame I lost when Gerard needed snookers, is just one of those things. I would have loved to be in the dressing room having a coffee but it was not to be.

When he started to come back in the match, at no stage did I question my own ability.

Murphy - Big Headed

He said modestly.

I have practiced very hard since I was eight years old, and I know that in my game, I could rely on it when it matters.

It’s the best prepared I’ve ever been for this championship, I’ve not had the best of seasons results wise and don’t feel I’ve reaped the rewards for the all the work I’ve put in, so I’m due.

He then bigged up his next match against Ding saying:

I think my game against Ding Junhui is the tie of the round, Ding is the best player in the world at the moment, his results prove that. He has been prominent in all the major events this term and will go into our match as the favourite I’m sure. But that doesn’t trouble me because I’ve beat favourites before.

I’m sure it will be a fantastic match, no matter who wins. He is playing great and will have millions of people supporting him back home in China. I used to live in Sheffield so I’ll probably have 200,000 people on my side. He said deludedly as a Sheffield resident pushed past him to get the last Ding T-Shirt at the Crucible merchandise stand.

I was obviously expected to win the match from 8-1, but I approached the session in the same vein has when I started. With the standard being as good as it is at the moment, if you win a tournament in a season you are doing well, and I’ve done that already.

You dont get extra points and prize money for playing great snooker all the time, it’s all about getting over that winning line first.

I’m 100% behind Barry Hearn. From what I understand of the changes that are happening, I’m in 100% support.

Somebody asked me the other day, you wouldn’t want to see snooker go like darts would you ? I said do you mean like having more toutnaments to play in and more prize money to play for ? it’s what we have been asking for years.

At least Shaun has one advantage, I’m sure he could pass for a darts player.

World Snooker have been running the same way for thirty years, they have done nothing with it. It’s been running the same way and its failed, he told the World Snooker website……

Plucky Gerard gave it a good go

The plucky Irishman Gerard Greene had this to say:

I suppose the first session I was a bit nervous, I won the first frame then totally collapsed. He played well to be fair.

I played alright this afternoon and got a few frames on the board. I could have been 4-0 up in the first session this afternoon but Shaun nicked a frame. I felt alright in the balls but my long shots weren’t great and when I missed I stuck him up.

Once he’s in the balls he doesn’t miss, he’s got a nice cue action so he doesn’t twitch. He missed a couple but once he’s got his hand on the table he scores heavy.

Another victor in yesterday’s games was Stephen Maguire who after his macho posturing throughout the match with Stephen Lee said:

I am delighted.  I am in the last 16 of the Worlds, if I wasn’t happy there would be a problem.  I played well in patches and I was pretty solid tonight.  I felt I was going to score every time I got in.  I will have to touch up on safety but if you are potting the balls I guess safety isn’t that important.

He said of his supposed rivalry with his opponent:

It seems to be everyone I play these days is a grudge match.  There’s nothing between us at all.  We have played each other a couple of times, but I don’t really know him that well to be honest.  We have just kind of past careers without playing each other without  having really met.  There’s no grudge there.  He is a slow player, I wasn’t trying to be cheeky.

A bit unkind that, Lee isn’t slow at all. His 127 was great to watch. He then moved on to talk about his next match with Dott.

Oh go on John, give us a feel big man.

It will be a very tough match against Graeme.  He is back to the way he was playing a few years ago, and he loves it here. It was a great win he had against Peter Ebdon. It was a really tough match on paper and he made it look quite easy.  I will need to be on my toes tomorrow.  Whoever doesn’t win the match will be wishing the winner the best.  And hopefully one of the Scots can bring it back anyway.

I try every year to win this tournament.  It is only the second round I am in, so I not thinking about the trophy right now.

Most sensible thing he’s said so far that.

I think, in my opinion I have under achieved in my career so far.  I am trying different things to win different tournaments. There has been no problems with me focusing. Snooker is snooker, and I have been practicing every day.  I will just wait to see what happens and wait to see what you guys write in the paper.

He didn’t talk about the future plans for the sport as he is probably more focused on his own future at the moment.

The President of the Stephen Lee Appreciation Society

The man-mountain Lee said:

I played awful in the few first few frames yesterday and he didn’t play much better. I played well in patches during the first session, but you can see that I am just short of match practice.

You can also see that he isn’t missing many meals.

I am not sharp and when you come to play in big games you get caught out. I’m obviously disappointed because I’ve worked very hard preparing for this tournament, but I never really played well enough throughout the match, but that’s how it is in sport.

There are not enough matches to play. I am not missing a ball for hours on the practice table, but when you get out to the matches it’s a different ball game.  I put it down to lack of tournaments, I am either hitting century breaks or can’t pot a ball, it’s mental, it’s very frustrating.

Stevie doesn't like small crowds

I like the idea of what Barry Hearn is proposing but I don’t want to be playing in little tournaments, for example in Germany,and play in front of one man and his dog. I want to be playing at good venues, like the Crucible and other venues of the same standard.

To do that Stevie you’re going to have to stop getting hammered when you get there.

If the tables and conditions are are good I will play at different places, he said generously, but we do want more good quality tournaments that’s for sure.

I’m now going to ring World Snooker again and ask if their chief journalist would like me to proof-read these articles before they put them out.

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