April 21, 2010

All Hail The Nugget and Ronnie Gives a Top Tip

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Steve wobbled but refused to fall down

Last night the Crucible belonged to one man, Steve Davis. The legend rolling back the years to progress into round two. Becoming the oldest player to win a match there since Eddie Charlton.  

The great man had this to say after the 10-9 epic win over Mark King:

It was such a great reception when I came out, both times. If it wasn’t so serious and I wasn’t on a mission I would have had a lump in my throat. It was a fantastic reception, marvellous but I got off to such a ropey start. The first couple of frames were horrible for me, I just had to hang in there.

To be fair they were horrible for all of us.

I was 5-3 down and all of a sudden I started looking, I only had it two other times in my life, it’s called ocular migraine. Where you get all sparkly lights and you can’t see. Looking at the balls in the last frame and they all started going blurry.

I managed to make a forty odd break but I could only see half the ball. It was the weirdest thing, I had it since about four o’clock, maybe it was the stress or the pressure I don’t know. I had some bananas in the interval tonight and that worked.

He has obviously been taking advice from renowned banana expert Dave Harold recently.

A Yellow-un

Tonight I was very pleased to be in front at the interval, Mark was getting a bit frustrated with things out there. I just played as solid as I could. I just got over the line, what a feeling. The last frame was torture.

I was in prime position and two shots later I’d messed it up. I decided to pot the red and play for no-where. When I didn’t get the snooker, I thought you idiot. I gave him lots of opportunities to get snookers and he was very close, he made some excellent efforts.

What a game, he’s like granite! That’s why I nick-named him the weeble many years ago, he never gives up. The emotion at the end, I knew it wasn’t the end of the game but I knew he needed snookers.

In terms of performances and considering I haven’t had much match play that was like climbing a mountain for me. Other than that I probably only produced one other decent performace this season and that was against Stephen Hendry in the UK when I got back to 6-6 before he played very well to win.

I don’t look at the draw (which is a bit of a lie because then he continued) but to play John Higgins as World Champion will just be fantastic. It will be tough against him, he’s a hard player. I actually practised for this, I worked hard.

Mark King had this to say: 

I suppose 6-4 up then 7-6 down I wasn’t going to be back flipping to the dressing room. I just got a little bit frustrated with myself. I never had a crowd so against me ever. It’s understandable but I let it get to me a couple of times. There was a geezer right in my ear, even if the ball was hanging going ‘Shot Steve’.

I had my chances. I missed a pink in the last frame. I twitched it and my elbow was in the bag before the ball. I’m gutted because I wanted to have a season when I didn’t lose any first round matches.

I had a few texts when the draw came through saying ‘Steve was rubbish’ players like that annoy me. Not in a million years is Steve an easy draw whether’s he’s 52 or 72. He’s a class act. He’s one of those people who’s looked after himself, in the gym and he doesn’t goes clubbing and that’s why he’s still number 20 odd at 52. If I’m that ranking at 52 I’d be over the moon.

To be honest if he is that ranking after next season that’s a start.

People who say those things should grow up, said the big baby.

I think he played solid. His safety is 2nd to none. The Top 16 put together are a mile behind his tactical game. He kept putting me bang in trouble.

Ronnie - always causing mischief

After his win over Liang Ronnie O’Sullivan gave all us snooker punters a little tip, which was nice of him considering he had had a couple of warnings during the match because of his loutish behaviour. 

I had to find something from somewhere, the pressure was getting on me a bit. It was quite nerve-racking out there. The nerves play a big part here unless you settle. Unless to get into your rhythm early it can be tough.
You can miss anything out there sometimes and that proved to be the case. But thankfully I just managed to nick a lead after that first session.
I just didn’t get going today and he played alright, towards the end he looked quite dangerous. He missed some balls, but sometimes in a first round match you do experience a bit of pressure out there.
I think form is important, it’s nice to be playing reasonably well. But I need to find some consistency, that would be nice.
It’s a really hard draw, I could have done with an easy match to be honest. It will be a tough game, I don’t think you could get a harder draw than Mark. He’s coming back to form and he’s probably the only other than John Higgins who is a favourite for the title. I think he’s the only player that could beat John if he was playing well. We’ll have to wait and see how I play.

I’ll probably be favourite for the match but anyone who knows anything about snooker will have their money on Mark, if I was a betting man then……

Rishi - A Real Pro

He was then hastily cut off as the camera flashed back to a flustered looking Rishi in the studio. 

Liang Wenbo seems to have a new interpreter, he looks strangely familiar. Anyway, he had this to say: 

Obviously trailing by such a big margin after the fisrt session, I was relaxed because you feel deep down that the match is maybe out of your reach. So I just wanted to go out there play my game, and hopefully to produce my best game for all the fans to see. This is the World championship, it’s the most important tournament and you always want to play your best in this one.

After fighting back from 7-2 down to only 9-7 down, Ronnie must have been feeling some pressure, but in the last he proved why is the world number one. He looked very calm producing that winning break.

I think Ronnie will play better next round, I hope he does well, but now I have to learn from that match to help me for next season.

He then wandered off, blissfully unaware that he is precariously close to not being in the top 16 next year if the likes of Dott, Perry, Lee or Ebdon have a good tournament.

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