April 10, 2010

Fourth Title for the Rocket? He doesn't think so.

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Ronnie - Not that Confident

Everyone’s favourite misery Ronnie O’Sullivan has been doing his bit this week to drum up enthusiasm for the World Championship.

O’Sullivan has expressed his desire to add another world title to his collection in an interview with

The Rocket said “John (Higgins) and I have got three titles each, Stephen Hendry’s got seven and Steve Davis and Ray Reardon have got six, so to get to four would be great, the world championship is a great event”.

Everyone gets hooked on snooker during the 17 days, like they do with tennis during Wimbledon or athletics during the Olympics” or being miserable and feeling sorry for yourself perhaps?

Despite being favourite with the bookies and many people’s idea of the champion, the Rocket is well aware that he will have to be at his best to go all the way at Sheffield and signalled out John Higgins and Mark Williams, who he may meet in round 2 as the main threats.

“I think this is the most open World Championship we’ve seen. The titles have been shared around this season and the standard is very high”. Indeed, like last season we come into the World Championship having seen a different face lift every major title this season with Ronnie himself, Neil Robertson, Ding Junhui, Mark Selby, John Higgins and Mark Williams all winning an event each.

But it doesn’t take long for Ronnie to start beating himself up again and in a seperate interview he downplays his chances of winning the big one.

Asked whether he thinks he’ll win a fourth title he replies “No, because I couldn’t see me winning one to be honest with you,”

“I’ve done one, two, three, so I’ve superseded what I thought I was going to do in the game. I don’t feel pressure to win a fourth but it would be nice to win a fourth. I don’t expect it but I’ll be trying when I get there and you never know”. Well at least he’s going to try this time, unlike in China.

3 Times Champion O'Sullivan

O’Sullivan was 17 when he first qualified for the World Championship, he’s now 34 and since his debut he claimed recently in a post match BBC interview to the amazement of Steve Davis and John Parrott to have been “playing like a plum for 17 years”. JP in particular look startled and slightly embarrassed because if Ronnie is a plum what does that make him?

Looking ahead to Sheffield, he said: “I was well uncomfortable last year and I feel equally uncomfortable this year”. He lost last year in the second round to Mark Allen and didn’t look the player we all know he can be.

He then starts getting all philosophical again and says “Sometimes you have better years off the table, and this year I have enjoyed my year off the table, whereas last year I was trying too hard to get it right”. But wouldn’t it be nice if he just concentrated on the day job a bit for his loyal yet frustrated fans?

This poor guy backed Ronnie in China. He's now resorted to eating his cue to survive..

Then in typically dedicated mood he continues “Then this year I just thought, ‘You know what, I’m not even going to try to get it right’. I thought to myself, ‘I’ll just pitch up, play, and if it’s there it’s there, and if it ain’t, so what?”.

So what? Well for a start anyone putting a lot of cash on you beating an unranked wildcard in China may now have ended up selling the Big Issue to scrape enough for a cardboard box to sleep in, but no worries Ron.

He then apparently realises what he’s said and backtracks slightly “I don’t mean ‘so what’, what I mean is if it ain’t there, there’s no point driving yourself mad about it”.

“Get in the car and go home, get back to basics, and start enjoying your day-to-day things and then see what happens at the next tournament”.

Presumably the route home would entail driving past some of the poverty stricken ex-punters asking for some change for a cuppa, or even one last bet on the man they hold responsible for their sharp demise, yet still blindly follow.

He finishes “And that’s the kind of way I’ve approached this year and that’s the way I’ll be approaching the World Championships, basically not expecting too much.”

Once again anyone backing Ronnie for the title this year at 4/1 with sponsors Betfred doesn’t only have his 5 possible opponents to worry about, they also have the man himself to fear.

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