April 4, 2010

More News from My Man in Beijing

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Si-Ting Chi-Lee - came highly recommended

I had a stern word with Si Lee, my Beijing Correspondent yesterday when I finally caught up with him. He promised that his next report would be more readable and easier to understand and blamed some of the things he’d said in previous reports as him being ‘a bit rusty’.

This one is a little better but I’d have expected more from him for the fee I’m paying. He now appears to have started watching videos of old England football matches as he mentions the small high pitched voiced defender Alan Ball in this one and his reference to lipstick seems a little obscure to me to say the least.

This is his report on Ding’s match yesterday:

April 3, 09/10 season Snooker China Open to continue, in the first end of a semifinal match against China’s Ding Junhui Allen. 丁俊晖整场比赛状态非常出色,上半场就取得3-1领先,下半场继续保持强势最终总比分6-2横扫艾伦,继05年之后再度晋级中国赛决赛。 Ding state of the whole game very well the first half on 3-1, the second half to maintain a strong final total score of 6-2 sweep Allen, following the 2005 finals in China after the cut again.

丁俊晖瞄准冠军 Aim champion Ding Junhui

在本届中国赛上丁俊晖连克格林、塞尔比和艾伯顿后晋级半决赛,而艾伦则是连胜多特、马奎尔和亨德利之后和小晖半决赛相遇。 China’s Ding Junhui in the current game on with Hook Green, Selby, and advanced to the semifinals after Ebdon, while Alan is straight and more particularly, Maguire and Hendry and small-Hui after the semi-final encounter. 两名选手此前交手机会不多,丁俊晖曾经在江苏精英赛决赛中0-6被艾伦横扫,本次对决也成为小晖的复仇之战。 Two players had few opportunities to grips, Ding Junhui has been in Jiangsu Classic final 0-6 sweep by Allen, this confrontation has become a small-Hui’s Revenge.

首局比赛开始,丁俊晖率先通过拼球获得上手机会,随后单杆拿下60分即将超分之际进攻黑球中袋出现失误,比赛随即进入安全球争夺。 Bureau began the first game, Ding received the ball first to get started through the spell opportunity, and then scored 60 points in a single post about the black ball super attack per occasion errors in bags, then into the safety of the ball game compete. 艾伦拼长台出现失误,随后小晖抓住机会上手单杆拿下67分成功清台胜出这局,总比分1-0领先。 Allen Taiwan errors long fight, and then seize the opportunity to fly a small single-pole Hui scored 67 points to win the Board sets clear success, with a total score 1-0 lead. 第二局比赛开始,艾伦率先获得上手机会,连得13分后进攻出现失误。 Bureau began the second game, Allen was the first opportunity to get started, get 13 points even after the attack errors. 随后小晖开始连续得分,单杆拿下46分后同样没能继续。 Followed by continuous small-Hui began scoring, scored 46 points after a single shot the same could not continue. 随后艾伦曾经有机会逆转拿下这局,连得32分即将清台的时候,击打黑球出现失误,随后小晖打进黑球成功拿下这局,总比分2-0领先。 Allen then had the opportunity to win the Board reversed, with 32 points will have to clear the table when the ball hit the black mistakes, and then scored a small black ball success Hui won the Council, with a total score of 2-0.

A scoop at last from my man. The mystery of what Allen sometimes uses on his hair is unearthed.

第三局比赛中,艾伦拼长台出现失误,随后红球停在了袋口,丁俊晖抓住机会打进袋口红球成功上手,小晖这杆再度展现出超强的得分能力,单杆拿下137分成功清台胜出这局,总比分3-0领先,丁俊晖本届中国赛已经打出6杆过百。 The third game, Allen Taiwan errors long fight, and then red ball in his pocket, Ding seize the opportunity to successfully fly ball scored bags lipstick, small Hui super show again this post scoring ability, single rod scored 137 points to win the Board sets clear success, with a total score of 3-0, Ding Junhui of China this game has been played over six hundred. 第四局比赛开始,艾伦率先拼球获得上手,单杆拿下21分后进攻出现失误,随后丁俊晖上手拿下17分后进攻出现失误。 Start the fourth game, Allen was the first to fight the ball get started, scored 21 points after a single shot attack errors, then get started Ding scored 17 points after the attack errors. 安全球较量中艾伦占据上风,随后艾伦获得上手机会单杆拿下67分后成功拿下这局,半场战罢丁俊晖总比分3-1领先艾伦。 Alan security prevail in the global contest, then get get started Allen scored 67 points the opportunity after a single shot succeeded in this Bureau, the total score of 3-1 halftime lead Harding Park Allen Ding Junhui.

I really don't know why my man mentions him. Perhaps he touched up with lipstick too.

第五局比赛中,丁俊晖率先拼球上手,随后单杆连得25分后进攻出现失误,随后比赛转入安全球争夺,丁俊晖做出斯诺克,艾伦解球失误被罚分,但小晖也没有进攻机会,比赛再次转入安全球争夺。 The fifth game, the first fight Ding ball to use, then a single shot with 25 points after the attack errors, and then transferred to the security ball game compete, to make snooker Ding, Alan Ball solution was penalized mistakes, but small Hui did not attack the opportunity once again into the safety of the ball game compete. 艾伦选择长台拼红球出现失误,随后小晖打进红球开始连续得分,单杆拿下30分后成功胜出这局,总比分4-1领先。 Alan select red ball long spell errors Taiwan, followed by small-Hui scored a red ball in a row scoring, scored 30 points after a single shot to win the Bureau of success, with a total score of 4-1. 第六局比赛中,丁俊晖又是率先获得上手机会,单杆拿下34分后进攻没能继续,随后比赛进入安全球争夺,艾伦曾经有机会上手,但单杆拿下9分后击打黑球失误,小晖再度上手后连得23分胜出这局,总比分5-1领先拿到了赛点。 The sixth game, Ding Junhui is also the first chance to get get started, scored 34 minutes after single-shot attack could not continue, then enter the security ball game compete, Allen had the opportunity to get started, but scored nine points after a single shot hit the black global errors, even after small-Hui, get started again 23 points to win this Council, the total score to get a match point leading 5-1.

第七局比赛开始,艾伦率先获得上手机会,单杆拿下32分后进攻没能继续,随后比赛进入安全球争夺。 Seventh start of the race, Allen was the first opportunity to get started, scored 32 points in a single shot could not continue after the attack, then enter the security ball game compete. 小晖拼球获得上手机会,连得46分后进攻没能继续,随后做防守形成斯诺克。 Little Hui opportunity to fight global access to get started, get 46 points even after the attack did not continue, then do defensive formation of snooker. 艾伦连续被罚三杆,随后小晖本有机会锁定胜局,但进攻红球出现失误错失机会,艾伦随后单杆拿下32分成功清台拿下这局,扳回一局总比分2-5落后。 Allen fined three consecutive, then there is a small chance to win the Hui, but offensive mistakes red ball missed the chance, Allen scored 32 points followed by the successful single-pole to clear the table win this Council, recovering from a total score of 2 Board -5 backward. 第八局比赛开始,丁俊晖率先获得上手机会,丁俊晖单杆拿下125分后成功胜出这局,总比分6-2将艾伦淘汰出局,丁俊晖时隔5年后再度晋级中国公开赛决赛。 Eighth start of the race, Ding received the first opportunity to get started, Ding Junhui won the 125 minutes after a single shot to win the Bureau of success, with a total score of 6-2 to Allen eliminated Ding cut again after a lapse of five years after the China Open final.

I have demanded the final report be on my desk tomorrow morning. It’s his last chance.

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