April 2, 2010

Alex Higgins 'Recovering' and an Update from Beijing

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Alex hasn't always been the most health conscious of chaps

The Daily Express in the UK is reporting that Alex Hurricane Higgins is ‘comfortable’ and ‘recovering’ in hospital after his admittance.

His agent has told the Irish Independent that Alex is ‘fine’ and that  “He had an appointment at 2.30pm and they took him in to rehydrate him”.

The Belfast based baize legend it appears from this is on the road to recovery. Let’s wish him all the best, he’s always been a fighter both on and off the baize has Alex.

Let’s hope this is just a setback as he still believes that he can beat the top 32 players in the world even at the age of 61! To see a recent interview with Alex click here.

In the meantime, I’m getting very concerned about events over in China. It’s known for keeping secrets but if my newly hired correspondent Si-Ting Chi-Lee is correct in his translations I think they are taking the snooker far too seriously as the military now seems to be getting involved. There is even some evidence of cannibalism going on there, which is all very well but eating libraries?

I think I might have hired the wrong man. I’ll also have to check his expenses claim as he appears to be now posting from America. He came very highly recommended……

DENVER April 1, 2010 Snooker China Open ushered in a focus of the war, the Chinese player Ding Junhui Selby in the evening against a strong enemy. 比赛中双方打出了4杆50+,结果丁俊晖技高一筹,以5-3击败塞尔比,挺进8强。 The two sides played a game of 50 + 4, result Ding Junhui better skill to beat Selby 5-3, Top 8 advance.

丁俊晖本赛季前半段的状态非常神勇,连续打进大奖赛和英锦赛的决赛,还在英锦赛击败希金斯捧杯,人们不由得惊呼,以前的那个台球神童又回来了。 Ding Junhui in the first half of this season, the state is very brave, scored consecutive Grand Prix and British Championships in the final, also beat the British Championships in Higgins cup, one could not help but exclaim, before the pool prodigy is back.

Ding - Small Bottom

不过那之后丁俊晖的状态出现了一定程度的回落,温布利大师赛和威尔士公开赛,他都在首轮就告出局,让人们一时对他的状态有些看不懂。 However, Ding’s status after that there was a certain degree of decline, Wembley Masters and Welsh Open, he was reported out in the first round, so that people of his state of some moment to read. 但是丁俊晖马上在这次中国公开赛上证明,他的低谷只是个小插曲,自己的状态并没有大的起伏。 But Ding immediately proved in the China Open, his bottom is only a small episode, their status and no major ups and downs.

首轮对阵格林,丁俊晖在先丟一局的情况下连赢4局,火力之猛一度压得对手喘不过气来,不过后面的两局他打得有些随意,让人有些担心。 The first round against Green, Ding Junhui in the Xiandiu only won one case of Council 4 Council, once the weight of fire of the fierce opponents of breath, but he later played some random Councils, some people worried. 但其实明眼人都看得出来,那是丁俊晖的注意力下降所致,师傅伍文忠就持这种观点。 But the fact is obvious to all, that is the decrease in attention Ding, Master Wu Wenzhong on hold this view.

今天的比赛丁俊晖一开局就让人大吃一惊,塞尔比一个小破绽就让他完成了15颗红球的清台,单杆126 分,丁俊晖用这样的表现给大家吃下一颗定心丸。 Ding Junhui today’s game a surprise start on the people, a small flaw Selby let him complete 15 units of red ball clear, single-shot 126 points, Ding performance with such a reassurance to the people eating. 第二局比赛丁俊晖又是用一杆56分迅速奠定了胜局,虽然之后塞尔比用连续两杆破百还以颜色,但是进入下半场之后,莱斯特小丑也逐渐抵挡不住丁俊晖的凶猛火力。 Ding Junhui is also the second game game with a quick 56 minutes apiece, while the House Er than two consecutive Pobai fired back, but after entering the second half, Leicester clown gradually could not withstand the ferocious firepower Ding .

第五局,单杆101分,拿下;第六局,单杆49分,再次拿下,丁俊晖已经把赛点牢牢攥在手里。 Fifth, single-shot 101 points, won; the sixth, a single shot 49 points, scored again, Ding has already firmly clutched in the hands of the match point. 白球帖库的远台红球、大角度的底袋反角、吃两库以上的大范围走位、恰到好处的k球、细腻的走位,今天的丁俊晖简直无所不能! Posts library of white ball red ball a long distance, wide-angle of the bottom bags of anti-horn, to eat a wide range of more than two libraries go digital, just right of the k balls, delicate movements, and today virtually omnipotent Ding!

只可惜第七局比赛丁俊晖在对手单杆66分的情况下,本来能打出单杆68分的清台,但是却在最后的蓝球上出现失误。 Unfortunately, Ding Junhui in the seventh game opponents under 66 points in a single case, have been able to play one shot clear the table 68 points, but in the final basketball blunders. 这种局面不禁让人们想到了09年威尔士公开赛的那一幕,当时丁俊晖也是在4-2领先的时候打丢了超分的红球,被马奎尔清台扳回一局,跟着就连续两局失利。 This situation can not help but make people think of the 2009 Wales Open, that scene was leading 4-2 Ding Junhui is also the time to play in lost super-sub the red ball, clear the table as a comeback by Maguire Council, along with the continuous Councils lost. 但现在的丁俊晖已经今非昔比,之前的失误被证明只是个插曲,只能稍稍延缓丁俊晖获胜的脚步。 Ding Junhui, but now has less than before, before the mistake was that just a episode, only slightly delay the pace of winner Ding Junhui.

Selby - A satisfied heart but prone to exxageration

最终的第八局,丁俊晖又开始展示防守功力,双方动辄长考2分钟的胶着局面下,丁俊晖沉稳应对,以往老练的塞尔比却连续犯错,在一次把红球送到顶库袋口之后,丁俊晖开始连续得分,塞尔比这次认识到自己大势已去,直接把白毛巾扔到了球台上。 The final eighth inning, Ding began to show defensive skill, the two sides frequently test 2 minutes long stalemate situation, the Ding steady response, in the past has experienced continuous mistakes Selby, in a red ball to the top of the pocket after the library , Ding began a continuous score, Selby this aware of their hopeless situation, directly to the white towel and threw the ball on stage. 去年的温布利大师赛上,在一场双方连续5局破百的疯狂较量后,罗伯逊把白毛巾搭在球杆上向马奎尔举手投降,今天这场经典名局让塞尔比发明了一种更夸张的认输动作。 Last year’s Wembley Masters, for 5 sides in a frenzied battle Pobai Council, the Robertson to take the club on a white towel and surrender to the Maguire, today, this classic name to Selby Council invented a more exaggerated movement throw in the towel.

不过正如解说嘉宾徐鑫建所说,在选手们打出这样一场激情四射的比赛之后,胜负已不重要,想必那一刻的塞尔比心中“过瘾”的成份还要大于出局的失望吧。 However, as explained Xu Xin Jian said guests, the athletes played in such a passionate game, the outcome has been unimportant, presumably to the moment of Selby heart “satisfied” even more than an element of disappointment out of it. 而丁俊晖,在这样一场酣畅淋漓的大胜之后也已经状态全开,能否在家门口复制5年前的那次胜利,相信球迷心目中已经有了自己的答案。 And Ding Junhui, in such a Hearty victory after the state has also been open, the door can replicate at home 5 years ago that victory, I believe the eyes of the fans already have their own answers.

I think that gives us more of an insight into the goings on in Beijing.

There will be more from Chi Lee tomorrow.

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