April 1, 2010

Reactions to O'Sullivan Exit and the Latest from Beijing

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Ronnie - A Bit Moody

It is fair to say that in gambling circles the reaction to Ronnie’s exit yesterday was fairly vociferous.

The media in general have been a little more understated in their reaction, perhaps because this tournament is a little off the radar but headlines vary from the rather biased and premature it has to be said headline that ‘Rocket Shock Paves Way for Allen’ (Belfast Telegraph click here to read) to ‘Rocket Implodes in Beijing’ (Sky Sports click here to read).

David Hendon has this to say on his blog this morning:

If I was able to provide a full psychological report on O’Sullivan I’d be earning a fortune in this field rather than getting up before the start of GMTV to write a snooker blog.

Only Ronnie knows what was going through his mind as he played that black but it did him and the sport no favours at all.

Whatever you think happened yesterday this is yet another bizarre episode in the life of the games most enigmatic but frustrating figure. 

To see the final balls of the match being potted and missed click here

To see Ronnie’s Press Conference immediately after the match click here

Talking of reactions, I have now managed to secure exclusive rights to reports straight from China from an old friend of mine turned journalist who goes by the name of Si-Ting Chi-Lee.

Though I fear that some of the report below may have been lost in the world of Google Translation……

March 31 afternoon, 2010, “Three food” World Snooker China Open first round match to continue. 在刚刚结束的一场比赛中,“光头”马克-金在2-4落后前亚洲球王瓦塔纳的情况下以5-4完成逆转晋级十六强。 In the just-concluded game, “skinhead” Mark – gold in the former Asian number one Wattana 2-4 behind the case of complete reversal of the cut elimination round with 5-4. 不过在赛后瓦塔纳拒绝与他握手,而原因则是马克-金爆粗口。 But 赛后瓦塔纳 refused to shake hands with him, and the reason is the Mark – Gold Explosion foul language.

This kind of behaviour just isn't on from King

光头马克-金:爆粗口? Bald Mark – Gold: Explosion foul language? 这个真没有! This really is not!

“今天前半段打的非常不好,而且一直在与对手纠缠,好在最后我打出了一些不错的球并且赢得了比赛。不过瓦塔纳说我爆粗口不职业,这个真没有,要知道我是靠比赛吃饭的。”刚刚走进新闻发布室,马克-金便简述了今天比赛的概况。 “Today, playing the first half of the very poor, and has been struggling with the opponents, good news finally, I played some good ball and win the race. Wattana said that I burst foul language, but not occupation, it really does not, know that I rely on competition to eat. “has just entered the media room, Mark – payment will be brief overview of today’s game.

在这场十分焦灼的比赛结束之后,出人意料的是在英国生活了20多年的职业球员瓦塔纳竟然拒绝与对手马克 -金握手,而理由是对方爆粗口,“他骂了脏话,他的行为非常不职业,所以我不想与他握手。”赛后,输了球的瓦塔纳显得非常气氛。 In this game very anxious after the end of surprise in the UK for 20 years of professional players Wattana refused to rival Mark – Golden handshake on the grounds that the other burst foul language, “he scolded the bad language, his actions very professional, so I do not want to shake hands with him. “After the match, loses, it is very atmosphere of Wattana.

不过马克-金却并不承认自己骂了脏话,“我只是多我自己的表现不满意,所以自己唠叨了几句,如果他(指瓦塔纳)认为我是爆粗口,那他太敏感了,我没有那么做。”不管马克-金到底有没有爆粗口,比赛已经结束并接结果不可更改,也希望双方能够平静的接受事实,不要将仇恨带到以后的比赛中去。 But Mark – Gold is not admitted scolded for cursing, “I’m just not satisfied with the performance of many of my own, so their nagging a few, if He (Wattana) that I was blasting foul language, that he was too sensitive I did not do that. “whatever Mark – gold in the end there is no explosive foul language, the game is over, and then the results can not be changed, I hope both sides can accept the fact calm, not to hate to go into the game after.

Explosive Stuff - There's a lot going on in this tournament we know nothing about.

值得一提的是,本场比赛延时了20分钟进行,据马克-金自己说:“我和瓦塔纳觉得灯光太热,如果坐时间长了会受不了,所以让工作人员来调试一下。”虽然马克-金说是因为双方都不适应,不过据中央电视台在内场拍摄的记者透露,对于灯光的不适应只有马克-金一人提出,瓦塔纳并没有觉得不适,而马克-金的真实理由是:我的光头会热! It is worth mentioning that the game delayed for 20 minutes, according to Mark – King himself said: “I think the light is too hot and Wattana, if sitting a long time will not stand, so let the staff to debug what . “Although Mark – King said that because both sides do not meet, but according to China Central Television reporter said, including for shooting, not suited for lighting only Mark – Gold one person, Wattana did not feel discomfort, and Mark – Gold The real reason is: my bald head will be hot!

That concludes the first report update from Beijing, in what I think you will agree is rather an eye-opener to what really goes on in this mysterious land.

More from our correspondent tomorrow…

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