March 27, 2010

Hands Off the World Championship – Hendry Fires Warning to Baz and Higgins

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There seems to be some disagreement in the Highlands as the latest Scot to enter the debate has thrown his hat into the ring on John Higgins comments about changing the World Final Format.

Legend and seven-times World Champion Stephen Hendry issued a ‘hands-off’ warning to anyone thinking of changing the format of the World Championship in an interview with

This is at odds with what John Higgins was saying last week when he stated he wouldn’t mind the final reverting to a one day format. I told you he was wrong.

Hendry said that “The world championship is the true test of a player, of his ability, his temperament and ultimately his standing in the game at that time.”

“In the past, I might have considered making changes, but that was at a time when there were more events than there are today. But if it isn’t broken why fix it?”

“I wouldn’t like to see the format tampered with. I think there is scope to try different things with different tournaments. You only have to look at the ticket sales. It is the only tournament that is sold out from start to finish. The fans love it, the players love it and it has a massive TV audience.”

The Scot then was seen pulling a moonie and shouting ‘neh neh neh’ in the general direction of the Wizard of Wishaw.

He also commented on his chances in China and seems to be going there more in hope than anything else:

Stephen needs to change his practice partner

“People will consider this event important because it is the last one before The Crucible. But I am taking this one on its own”.

“I’ve had a poor season by my standards. I haven’t won two matches back-to-back so now wouldn’t be a bad time to start because while I’m happy enough with how I am playing, I badly need some results.”

To be honest I think I’ve discovered why Stephen is not getting the results that he used to, he needs to start playing against similar standard players in practice. It’s no wonder he is struggling for motivation as if you watch the interview he appears to be playing against a tailors dummy (seated in the corner behind him). That’s hardly going to be difficult to beat is it? Won’t answer back either if he pulls another moonie.

He’d be better burying his differences with Higgins and have some practice with him.

You can register here to watch the interview with Stevie at

Piece of Trivia: It’s not really a dummy, it’s Stephens old ‘Spitting Image’ (UK TV show from years ago) Puppet which was bought for him as a surprise gift for his 40th birthday last year by the missus.

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