March 23, 2010

Championship League: So who will join the Winners Group? Updated Throughout the Day

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Nobody likes wearing these

Yesterday saw mixed fortunes for the players competing in the final qualifying group.

My pick Peter Ebdon started well winning three out of three whilst poor old Joe Swail, my tip to finish bottom of the pile, only managed to win one frame.

But the race for the Dunces Hat will be a close one, as Steve Davis also performed badly also winning just 1 frame, so the two cuemen decided to club their £200 days wages together so that they could afford to stay overnight at Crondon Park in a twin room (two single beds before you ask), with a complimentary continental breakfast served in the Stuart Bingham Breakfast Room from 8am until 10am (Fried bread extra).

Davis knows how to rattle his opponent.

Joe’s snoring apparently kept the agitated Nugget awake all night though he had bored him to death with his ‘interesting’ back catalogue of snooker and obscure world music stories to render him more or less comatosed in minutes so was partly responsible for the racket.

However, this morning Joe got extremely vexed at the six-times World Champion’s refusal to replace the toothpaste cap onto the tube, a pet hate of the normally affable Irishman.

All this makes for a real grudge match at 2pm which will surely decide who goes home in shame, and quite possibly covered in slime as Barry Hearn is making his way there for the winners group. He wouldn’t do that to his mate Steve. Would he?

I’ll update the scores periodically during the day.

Results so far:

Peter Ebdon 3-1 Joe Swail
Mark Williams 3-0 Jamie Cope
Ding Junhui 3-0 Steve Davis
Peter Ebdon 3-1 Michael Holt
Joe Swail 0 – 3 Mark Williams
Jamie Cope 0 – 3 Ding Junhui
Steve Davis 1 – 3 Michael Holt
Peter Ebdon 3 – 2 Mark Williams
Joe Swail 0 – 3 Jamie Cope
Ding Junhui 1 – 3 Michael Holt
Mark Williams 3 – 0 Michael Holt
Steve Davis 0 – 3 Jamie Cope

Today’s Matches

Peter Ebdon 3 – 2 Steve Davis (Ebdon through to the semi finals with 4 wins out of 4)

Joe Swail 1 – 3 Ding Junhui

Mark Williams 3-0 Steve Davis (The race for bottom hots up as Williams books his semi-final place)

Jamie Cope 3-2 Michael Holt (I think this more or less assures Cope and possibly Ding of their semi final places but I may be wrong)

Joe Swail 3-0 Michael Holt (Joe wins his one and only match which means Cope and Ding join Williams and Ebdon in the semi finals, by my reckoning the Nugget will have to beat Joe 3-0 to relegate him to last place)

Peter Ebdon 3-1 Ding Junhui (Despite this loss Ding has done enough to make the semi-finals as Ebdon makes it 5 out of 5 wins and tops the group)

Mark Williams 3-2 Ding Junhui

Steve Davis 3-1 Joe Swail (Steve wins the battle of the room-mates but still finishes bottom by virtue of winning one less frame than Joe overall, oh well)

Jamie Cope 3-1 Peter Ebdon


Ding 3-0 Williams (Ding looks like he’s in no hurry to get back to China with an easy win over MJW)

Cope 3-2 Ebdon (neither were in a hurry here)


Cope 3-1 Ding (Ding flies back to China for the promo work for next week safe in the knowledge he’ll be in the Premier League anyway)

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