March 19, 2010

Maguire wants to stop talking about match fixing – so he talks about it.

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"I know, when that pink went in - your face - ya shat yer sen big man, I could smell it from ma seat"

Stephen Maguire has said that he is looking forward to being cleared of any match-fixing allegations.

Well I’m looking forward to retiring early to Tahiti with a million quid in my back pocket and dancing girls all around me, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

The world snooker number two (and bizarrely yours truly), were quizzed by police last year following irregular betting patterns involving a match with, oh what’s his name again, I’ll have to look it up hang on…………………. got it, Jamie Burnett in late 2008.

“As far as I know, the investigation is still ongoing,” said Magsy.

“I don’t know if I will get a call to say they’re no longer investigating, but that’s what I’m expecting.” he said with his fingers tightly crossed whilst dodging walking under a ladder and having his path crossed by a black cat while stepping in a dog turd.

Maguire says it has not distracted him in his quest for titles (good luck with that one) or his thirst for easy draws but admits that the affair involving his buddy, practice partner and fellow Glaswegian has been something of an irritation. 

The Police were recently accused of being heavy handed by Stephen Lee - to be fair I think this was a bit over the top for a few missed pots really.

“It’s not nice to be in the papers for the wrong reasons”, he said flicking through his copy of the Wiltshire Times and smirking when reading a similar story relating to his first round Crucible opponent, Stephen Lee.

“I am lucky in a way that I am thick skinned. When I am on the table, it doesn’t bother me”. It’s just everything else that seems to bother the man Mark King likened to ‘a big baby’.

“It kind of bothered me when I was winning matches in the world championship last year and all people wanted to talk about was the police at my door”.

He then says rather self-importantly “Any time that Stephen Maguire wins a snooker match, it seems to start off a bit of controversy for some reason and I just look forward to that ending and starting to talk about snooker again.” I’m not sure this is quite right, usually when he wins a match recently he’s beaten someone well below him in rankings, the only whispers I ever hear are ‘how does he keep getting these jammy draws?’ and why is he talking about himself in the third person anyway, like boxers and rappers do? Always a bit weird to me that. 

Anyway, Stevie Boy believes he is capable of winning the world title for the first time next month, just like Mark King does. The flying pigs were seen leaving Essex and making their way to Glasgow at a lightning fast pace. 

“I just keep thinking it’s only five boys to beat in the course of two weeks,” he said, which isn’t strictly true in his case as Lee currently counts as two people.

“It’s not exactly miracles that’s needed, although it is very tough.”

While Stevie clearly believes he has nothing to answer for and is happy to discuss the whole affair, his opponent Jamie B, who lost the match 9-3 after fluking a wild shot at the pink and missing an easy black after in a earlier frame walking around the table and inexplicably touching a ball at the other end of the table with his hand when on an easy clearance, was surprisingly unavailable for comment.

The case, at least for now, continues. Click this to remind yourself of what all of the fuss is about (sorry looks like this is only available to UK users).


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