March 16, 2010

Some Reactions to the Crucible Draw

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Some of the players love a good natter

Some of the players have been giving their reaction to the draw that took place last week and giving their thoughts on their chances.

Crafty Ken Doherty qualified with ease and doesn’t appear too worried about his first round draw against the Jester, Mark Selby.

“It’s a really tough draw – pretty much like every other draw I could have had” Ken said.

“Mark is one of the most difficult guys I could have come up against but I am pretty sure he will be thinking the same about me. I beat him 5-3 at Grand Prix in Glasgow so I am confident going into the match”.

“I am delighted to have qualified and to have made it in a bit of style. Without trying to blow my own trumpet I reckon there were a fair few players hoping not to draw me in the first round. I will give it 110% and hopefully that will be enough”he continued modestly.

“I think the fact I have won the world title and been to a few finals means there is less pressure on me. I don’t have that monkey on my back”. Alright that’s enough Bighead.

His opponent simply says “Ken beat me in the first round of the Grand Prix earlier in the season, and he has been very much a man in form. But I will be out for revenge and determined to get my Crucible challenge off to a flying start”. He then disappeared off in his Jester’s outfit to go and do some side-splitting street theatre for his adoring Leicester public, he’s such a hoot. 

Ryan's new arrival looks just like her Dad. He's even bought her a cue made out of bamboo.

Ryan Day meanwhile is celebrating the birth of his second panda, I mean, child. His wife Lynsey gave birth to the couple’s second daughter almost three weeks ago and he seems to have been boosted by the new arrival.

“After the Welsh Open I took a few weeks off to be with my wife. She had a baby girl towards the end of the month and I am feeling really good about things,” said the table dusting Welshman.

“I wasn’t feeling great about the way I was playing after the Shanghai Masters at the start of the season but since then I have picked up and I have been pretty pleased with my start to 2010”.

Day will face Mark Davis in the first round at the Crucible. Having faced our Mavis on a number of occasions, he reckons that both players will know what to expect.

“I went along to Wembley to watch the draw and beforehand I had butterflies in my stomach,” confessed Day, but they were quickly sorted by chewing on a bunch of bamboo shoots that Ding bought him for Christmas from China.

“It is going to be a really tough match and there is always extra pressure in the first round. I have played Mark lots of times and I reckon we both know what to expect – I can’t wait to get to The Crucible and hopefully produce some good performances.”

“It is a bit of a cliché but I have to just take it one match at a time. If I can get the win in my first match then you begin to feel part of the tournament and settle down a bit”. Yes, it is a bit of a cliche, in fact I’d say it is the King of the Sporting Cliches.  

“With the number of tournaments just now everyone is under the same amount of pressure, one of the things I have been working on is blocking out the crowd and other distractions. I reckon this will be a big help to me – especially at The Crucible”. Ryan then disappeared off to change a shitty nappy with his huge spade like hands.

Steve Davis simply said of his draw against Mark King “Of all the people in all the world I had to pick Mark from Casablanca near Romford” (how witty) while stressing that he will be practising for it for a change. His opponent however was feeling a bit more chatty and said; “Given the standard of the players in the draw, I knew I was in for a tough match if you are not 100% or fully focused on the match then you will struggle – it doesn’t matter though I am confident in my ability. Whether I am playing Steve Davis or Liang Wenbo I go into the match believing I can win” (as do 99% of his opponents, though they use the words ‘knowing’ and ‘will’ rather than ‘believing’ and ‘can’).

Mark King believes he can bag the big one this year.

“I did some commentary last year on Steve’s match with Michael Judge. Steve played very well which shows he still can compete at the highest level and with it being his 30th appearance at The Crucible it is going to be pretty special. He has achieved it all in the game and I am really looking forward to the match,” Old Baldy Bonce added.

This season King has failed to make it beyond the last 16 in any of the four ranking events. While he believes he is performing consistently, the world No.16 admits he is not satisfied with making only brief appearances at major events. He’s a great dancer though.

He went on: “This season I have only being doing consistently ok, I don’t want to be going to tournaments and only winning one match – I am not getting any younger and I want to start cracking on. It’s my aim to start making the later stages and maybe even going all the way and winning a tournament”. At this point in the conversation some pigs were seen flying past the window, but Mark pretended he hadn’t seen them and continued:

“There are so many good players and there are no easy draws. The guys out with the top 16 are capable of beating the top players on their day – so it is very difficult”. He then disappeared into the distance punching the air shouting ‘Get in there my son’ when he realised who he’d actually drawn.

Liang and his Interpretor

Meanwhile Ronnie’s first round opponent, Liang Wenbo has been giving his thoughts on his first round tie through his interpretor, that master of the English tongue and renowned funnyman Ding Junhui, he said: “I am delighted that I have almost ensured my place in the top 16 next season, I can now enjoy my match against Ronnie – there is no real pressure on me”.

“For me playing against everyone is the same, as in the world championship every player is desperate to play to their best – there are no easy draws”. He says that but I think he’s telling porkie pukka pies there as I bet he wishes he’d drawn King or Perry. 

“The most important thing is I can play at The Crucible again – this is my third successive year to play at Crucible, I am really happy that I have managed to achieve this.” Well, I think that’s what he said anyway.

Further reactions to the draw will follow if anyone wishes to say anything else.

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