March 4, 2010

Friday Morning 10am Starts

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THAT F*****G B*******D F*****G SCOREBOARD HAS FROZEN A-F*****G-GAIN!!!!!!!.

A right result yesterday as the following was posted on the World Snooker Website:

‘We are continuing to experience technical problems with the live scoring application during the World Snooker Championship qualifiers. We are working with our website partner to resolve them and thank you for your patience during this frustrating time’

Which is the first time I can ever remember them admitting it was rubbish. But the thank you for your patience line is a bit presumptious, I’m already up to my tenth laptop this week, such is my level of fury and dark thoughts of personal injury towards them and all their known families. Maybe I should relax a bit as it’s getting expensive now, or better still go to one of those companies that ask ‘have you ever had an accident that wasn’t your fault?’ and take Bazza and the gang to the cleaners.

Anyway, thanks to all of those that complained and complained again, judging by the click throughs it was quite a lot of you and Dave Hendon’s Excellent Blog (Snooker Scene) chaps and chapesses should also congratulate themselves on at least getting them to ‘admit they have a problem’; the first stage of any recognition that you are at fault.

Back to matters in hand, the early starts are listed below. With a recommended treble at the end.

10am starts, conclude at 7pm

Ian McCulloch v Tony Drago (0-3)

The head to head statistic is a bit misleading as these two last locked horns in 2001 when Drago knocked McCulloch out of the 2001 Embassy World Championship. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, Tony’s career went into freefall for a few years and McCulloch at one point held the world number 16 spot. They come to this match in very different frames of mind. Drago looks unstoppable at the moment but at what point will the standard just be too high for him to match? McCulloch has won just three from twelve matches this season, all against fading stars Parrott, Swail and Jimmy White. He has lost some howlers and was well and truly dumped out of the China Open by Sam Baird. Drago is riding high and I’m keeping everything crossed that the afterthought bet on him at 16/1 to qualify will round off the week in style against Hawkins in the next round, now that Wattana appears to have met his match and Bjorn ran out of steam last night. This won’t be a stroll in the park but at 5/6 the flying Maltese Falcon is the bet here I think. Recommended: Drago (5/6 Sportingbet) RESULT: Tony’s dreams are shattered he loses 10-6.

Friends will be friends.

Jamie Burnett v David Morris (3-0)

Jamie ‘Missed the Easy Black Ball to Lose 9-3 to Maguire in the UK’ Burnett enters the arena today, there is a reason that I always think about him in a gambling context, can’t think why that might be. But with that in mind, he is a good thing here at a generous 4/9, I’d have him more like a 2/9 shot for this match. I’m on (also see double/treble at the end of the post), he’s a different class from Morris and should have no trouble proving it here. Recommended: Burnett (4/9 Sportingbet) RESULT: For me the shock of the tournament so far, Morris winning 10-6. JB can be found asking ‘do you want fries with that?’ to make a living at a Glaswegian eatery.

Andrew Higginson v Anda Zhang (1-0)

This win dates back to October in the Masters 2009 qualifiers when Higginson won 5-3. Anda booted John Parrott off the tour in the last round, though rumour has it that he might get a wildcard back on. Andrew Higginson (1/3 Sportingbet) comes fresh from qualifying for China after a half decent Welsh Open. He hasn’t quite become the player he promised to be but the Widnes Warrior should have enough in the locker to win this one. RESULT: Bad day gets worse, a bad day for Widnes as Zhang wins 10-8.

Rory McLeod v Jin Long

Another potential mismatch here between everyone’s favourite paint drier and National Coach of the highly successful Qatar Snooker Team, Rory McLeod and the Chinese player whose name sounds a bit like a cocktail. Rory doesn’t start losing until he sees the TV vans arriving these days and is ultra-consistent in this type of match. I think he’ll qualify for the big one and then spend the next month and a half worrying about it. I’d take him 999 times out of 1000 to win this match, but as he is 1/3 at Sportingbet it’s not a recommended bet as it’s shorter than the self-imposed rules allow. RESULT: Reliable Rory wins 10-3.

Stuart Pettman v David Roe (1-1)

These two have beaten each other 5-3 in the past but haven’t met since 2006, since when Roe has gone into freefall down the ranking list, his only notable achievement in the time being winning a King of Mediocrity title that some of the Betfairians took a vote on a couple of years back. He broke a disastrous run of results in the last round by clawing back from 6-9 to beat Ben Wollaston, there is no way back for Dave in the rankings and he’s probably playing with a carefree attitude which can often see a turn in form. Pettman has a terrible haircut, no arguments about that and apologies to readers from Wigan, think Black Lace but worse and since a freak semi-final appearance in the China Open last year has hardly done anything. I’d be tempted to take a very small punt on Roe to upset the odds here at 10/3 with Sportingbet. RESULT: Pettman restores order 10-6.

Michael Judge with his beloved guinea pigs. Pets make people nicer.

Michael Judge v Mark Joyce (0-1)

This match came in the Masters 2009 and was a close 5-4 win to Joyce. This was during a period when he was working with a sports psychologist, what a load of mumbo-jumbo, I’m not sure if they fell out as since then he has hardly won a match, but he is possibly playing this match to keep his place on the main tour. Judge isn’t in great shape either and he looks a bit like comedian of yesteryear Freddie ‘Parrot-faced’ Davies. On that accolade alone I’ll take Judge (1/2 generally available) as he is the better player of the two and has more experience. But no strong feelings on this really, apart from parrots and general animal welfare, I like dogs and there are loads of links to retired greyhounds and whippets for anyone that is interested. RESULT: Joyce leaves Judge sick as a parrot 10-8.

Recommended: Treble pays just over 6/4 at Sportingbet: McLeod, Higginson and Burnett. RESULT: LOST.

And remember, if the scoreboard freezes again, email them, call them, throw non-breakable objects at their windows without risking personal or third-party harm or injury or possible death or even near death and fight the power my friends: .

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