March 2, 2010

In Praise of the Scoreboard

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World Snooker Headquarters - the control centre for the scoreboard

If there is one thing that you can rely on during an untelevised event run by World Snooker it is that the scoreboard will freeze. So it goes that in their showcase event it does exactly that every single day. 

The first time it happened that I recall I simply thought it was Adrian Gunnell taking an hour and a half over a complexed safety shot that Steve Davis had cleverly set him, it wasn’t out of keeping with the general speed of the match, but when I realised something must be wrong I’ll admit that I felt quite foolish having spent the time trying to envisage the shot that poor Adrian might have been facing.

But joking aside. The scoreboard is the joke and in an age where a governing body can’t even get the qualifiers streamed on the internet, it is the only way that punters can keep track of things in ‘real time’.

If this slightly irritates you too then I urge you to go to and bombard them with emails about it until they finally sort it out.

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