February 25, 2010

Odds Up for the Clapped Out Club

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Ok, I suppose the headline is a bit mean but I had to think of something to grab your attention. It’s once again time for the ‘members only’ section of the WPBSA to have their little competition to see who can possibly go on to wreck a young pro’s career in Round 1.

Meo - Twitch it baby one more time?

Wouldn’t it be a much more interesting event if it included honorary members? By virtue of winning the World Championship you are given lifetime membership and allowed to have a go? I’d be much more interested in this part if Ray Reardon, Terry Griffiths, Cliff Thorburn and the gang were playing too. In fact, let’s open it up to just general characters, Willie? Dennis? Kirk Stevens? Finger-twitching Tony Meo? Quinten Hann? OK, maybe not the last one, but this could then be an event in itself with the four successful winners having another crack at the big one. Come on Barry, that’s an idea for free.

Anyway, Sportingbet have priced up the morning matches tomorrow:

Les ‘Fatboy Slim’ Dodd v Philip Minchin

Paul Wykes v David ‘The Silver Fox’ Taylor

David Singh v Colin Mitchell

Ali Bassiri v Neil Selman

The Housemartins have a lot of fun at Dave's gaff

To say we have precious little to go on is rather an understatement, we haven’t had this little to go on since a burglar robbed the toilet. Previous results involving this lot give little clues, though Bassiri seems to lose every year, though usually to the absent and much missed golden boy/man Tony Knowles. Mitchell has beaten Singh before. Doddy appears just to go along for a laugh with his old pals and the most I’ve managed to gleen about the comeback king the Silver Fox is that he doesn’t practice very much and that he runs a guest house with his wife Janice which according to the write up looks a bit like a knocking-shop for housemartins:

Ash Farm is a listed National Trust Building along with the barns alongside the main house. House Martins are a protected species and have been visiting Ash Farm to breed during the summer months for at least the 20 years’ that David and Janice have been the proud occupiers and managers of this perfectly charming bed and breakfast.

But, call me foolish, call me brave I am going to recommend a bet just for the sake of it.

I’ll take a double on Mitchell and Selman which pays just on 8/11.

The matches should be covered in real-time on the ultra-reliable World Snooker scoreboard, so long as the hit rate doesn’t reach double figures. The latest news is that disappointingly, the main qualifying events will not be covered through live streaming. Which is a real shame as 110 Sport did cover a few events earlier in the year. Obviously, negotiations to make this permanent have broken down. A big disappointment in an event this big that would generate a lot of interest at I presume a pretty paltry cost to the broadcaster.

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