February 11, 2010

Final Standings Group 6

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The Outlaw Joe Swail - A bit of a Joker

The final standings of Group 6 below. Allen now plays Swail and Ebdon play Williams, beginning at 6.30pm. Allen favourite in all places by virtue of his draw but Swail hasn’t played badly at all and might just surprise young Ketchup Head.

Betfair are now back betting in-running. If any proof were required that the players are playing this as they would any tournament, we saw it in the final game where Barry Hawkins beat Cope 3-2 to send him out of the semi-final places, despite the fact that Hawkins had nothing to play for.

There was some uncharacteristically sulky behaviour from Mark Williams earlier, his haircut must have really hit home, not what he asked for and the barber (whose other clients include Michael Bolton and more recently, Jedward) might expect a visit from the Welsh Mafia any day soon. In seriousness though, one of the commentators, Phil ‘Statto’ Yates mentioned that the amount of kicks being suffered this week has been astronomical and our Mark doesn’t like dodgy tables (or dodgy barbers).   

Incidentally I put up a calendar of events on the right hand menu earlier, it also indicates when I’ll be posting up previews and the like for the coming events. There is a bit of a quiet period after tonight and before Sheffield, China and then back to Sheffield for the best 17 days of the year.

The Essex Barber's last client

I’ve had an interest on Ebdon tonight as out of all of them I think he’s playing the best, but this is one strange event and not one to go large on.

Good Luck if playing.

I’ll be posting some ramblings on here in the interim period for the diehard fan. It’s been a busy couple of weeks as a beginning to the blog and I’m still very surprised that even in this quiet time people are finding the time to log in and in some cases have their say. That’s what it’s for after all. But I’ll be using the time between now and the World Championship Qualifiers trying to find some decent bets for when they come around. 

Pos  Player  Played  Won  Lost  Frames Won
 Frames Lost
 Money  Points
2  Mark Allen 6 4 2 16 11 £1600 4
6  Stuart Bingham 6 2 4 11 14 £1100 2
3  Joe Swail 6 4 2 14 10 £1400 3
7  Barry Hawkins 6 1 5 6 17 £600 1
1  Peter Ebdon 6 4 2 16 10 £1600 4
4  Mark Williams 6 3 3 11 9 £1100 3
5  Jamie Cope 6 3 3 11 14 £1100 3

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