February 3, 2010

Sanyuan Foods China Open Qualifiers Day 3 – 10am starts

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An audience member from the last Lawler v Dale encounter. Pictured after the match, he had entered the arena clean-shaven and 17 years old. Still a snooker record. Though the Billiards equivalent is still attending a riveting match, current score 50,000 - 49,802.

Another early start tomorrow/today (delete/ignore as applicable/appropriate) as another crop of familiar and not so familiar names enter the qualifiers. The standard is bound to get better overall day after day, however there are still a few players punching above their weight in the static ranking list that will be entering things a lot earlier next season and vice versa. It’s a shame for instance to see Dave Gilbert coming up against Ken Doherty so early, when there are lots of inferior players with easier paths. But cest la vie.

Flying the flag for the commentators this morning are the Darlin’of Dublin and Dominic Dale, both have strong chances in their matches against Gilbert and Rod ‘Shot to Nothing’ Lawler accordingly, though anyone hoping to see the Dale/Lawler match may need to take a couple of matchsticks to fit to their eyelids to stay awake if they would like to see the conclusion to this ‘game for the purists’. 

Yesterday saw wins for the old stagers Wattana and Drago adding to the coffers, though the 4/6 on Drago was withdrawn within five minutes of my post going up, either someone made a mistake or someone is watching us…..though the progress of Matthew Couch continues unchallenged, always good to throw in a loser to keep the bookies happy…..surely only a matter of a day or two until someone gives the old Couch Potato a good pasting. Poor old Jimmy lost again, if anyone can think of a nickname for Xaio Guodong then please let me know (I’ve realised how to take the requirement for your email address off the comments). 

To me the only odds against shot worth backing this morning is Mark Joyce to beat McManus, Joyce is one of the few players to publicly state (to a packed press conference – standing room only) that he had been consulting a sports psychologist in an attempt to improve his results, it seemed to work for a bit as he started having wins against higher ranked players (Barry Hawkins and Michael Judge) and even got to the heady heights of a match with John Higgins himself  before losing 5-4 in the Welsh Qualifiers to Anda Zhang, he might be worth a small investment (13/10 with BWIN) but bear in mind, I just don’t like backing ‘Angles’.

'You will not lose to Angles Mcmanusssss'

As well as the small bet above, the bets I will be having will be singles again, but I’ll probably also chance a treble on the following three at around the 9/4 to 5/2 mark, as I think at least two of them should win comfortably, so here goes:

Ken Doherty at 1/2 generally, Tom Ford at 4/7 with Sportingbet and Mike Dunn at 1/2 with BWIN (or more likely the 4/9 that Paddy Power are offering) .

For those wanting a bit of an interest bet, such as an accumulator on these frustrating affairs (I urge caution on the qualifiers as ever) I’d add Higginson at 4/11 and for the purists and insomniacs, Dale at 1/2 to beat Rod – but maybe lay off before nodding off, as it will probably finish last of the five if things go right with the others. The roll up of all five pays over 11/2 at Sportingbet, who seem to be the only bookmaker pricing these up half way decent for multiple punters, they are quickly becoming ‘the’ snooker bookie, particularly if anyone fancies Luca Brecel to be world champ one day. I’m not sure myself……..

and no, I’m not plugging Sportingbet, it would nice if a few other bookies got involved with snooker at this stage to give some competition to the cartel, in mean, market.    


Match 33 – Jimmy Michie v Tom Ford

Match 34 – Mike Dunn v Chris Norbury

Match 35 – Michael Judge v Andy Hicks

Match 36 – Dominic Dale v Rod Lawler

Match 37 – Marcus Campbell v Robert Milkins

Match 38 – Andrew Higginson v Joe Jogia

Match 39 – Ken Doherty v David Gilbert

Match 40 – Alan McManus v Mark Joyce

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