February 1, 2010

What a difference a week makes!

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Just some bloke off the Street

I decided to set up this blog on a whim after a few posters on Betfair said I should consider it and after some very kind words were expressed towards my Masters previews on the Betfair threads. I was also encouraged by my small group of friends on Betdaq. Just over a week later my ramblings and let’s face it, juvenile stabs at humour, have been viewed nearly 3000 times, rising daily, during a relatively quiet betting event. Whilst I have really enjoyed doing the previews I can’t pretend that the number of viewers didn’t strike the fear of death into me. But despite the odd bad call I have received nothing but positive comments from viewers, well that’s not strictly true as I noted earlier, one dissenter accused me of being just ‘a bloke off the street’, he might be right….

But this is just to say thanks to those of you that have been on here, commented or not commented, followed or not followed tips and hopefully I’ll see you back here when the China Open and the World Championships are under way. I’ll probably find a few things to post on here in the meantime for my diehard fan and various members of mental institutions (my key catchment group).

I have updated the ‘how successful’ page on the right to reflect the last week and started a ‘Suggestion Box’. Hopefully, I can keep up the 70 or so per cent record and we can all buy an island and fill it with snooker tables…….

Thanks again, Snookerbacker.

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